Penn & Philly

Chestnut Street at night

Penn is an urban university, located in the heart of Philadelphia, one of America's most historic and livable cities. The University of Pennsylvania has been a vital part of the city since its founding by Benjamin Franklin in 1751. Today, Penn continues to contribute to Philadelphia's cultural and intellectual life and its many community engagement activities involve many resources across campus. 

In 2004, Penn President Amy Gutmann articulated her vision in the Penn Compact, which expresses the Penn community's commitment to propel the University of Pennsylvania "From Excellence to Eminence." Eminence for Penn requires both academic leadership and social responsibility in carrying out the University's core activities of teaching, research, clinical practice, and social service.

To fulfill the Compact's commitment to local engagement, Penn is collaborating with local communities on many bold initiatives to improve public education, public health, economic development, employment opportunities, the quality of life, and the physical landscape of West Philadelphia and Philadelphia as well as to promote sustainable and equitable economic growth throughout the region.

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Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC