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Former NAACP president Cornell Brooks and Provost Wendell Pritchett discuss the future of charter schools

In 2016, after the NAACP passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on the expansion of charter schools, the organization began a nationwide listening tour to hear from people on all sides of the debate.

Cornell Brooks, who was then president of the NAACP, attended meetings across the country.

How mindful breathing focused Baltimore middle schools

Rebecca Nyquist Baelen, a Penn GSE education policy doctoral student, was part of a team tasked with improving academic performance at three Baltimore middle schools. Teachers told Nyquist Baelen and her colleagues one of their biggest challenges was getting students to calm down and focus.  






Sigal Ben-Porath discusses her new book, Free Speech on Campus

Debates around race, sexual assault, LGBTQ rights, immigration policy, and an array of political issues have become flashpoints at many American colleges. In Free Speech on Campus, Penn GSE’s Sigal Ben-Porath asks how colleges have traditionally approached free expression, and if they have to change now that the student population is more diverse, the internet has changed communication, and everyone carries a camera in their pocket.

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Has high school changed in the last 100 years?

Most adults, including parents, don't spend much time in schools. As a result, when they think about education issues, they naturally look through the lens of their own student experiences. Since many of the routines of schooling are similar, it can be easy to believe schools themselves have stayed the same in recent decades. 

It's also a mistake, Penn GSE education historian Jonathan Zimmerman told Chalkbeat. [[image|right|faculty=5556|caption=Dr. Jonathan Zimmerman]]

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Michael Golden joins Penn GSE to lead a center for innovation

Michael Golden was fulfilled as the CEO of Educurious, the education nonprofit he co-founded seven years ago to create project-based learning opportunities, professional development, and an expert network that connects students to professions and career paths. The Seattle-based nonprofit reached nearly100,000 students in more than 20 states.

[[image|left|caption=Michael Golden joins Penn GSE|width=250|src=]]




Dan Wagner named Special Advisor to Director-General of UNESCO

In June of this year, Penn GSE’s Dan Wagner was appointed Special Advisor to Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. Throughout his career, Wagner has focused on problems of literacy in the developing world through applied research and advising international agencies, governments, and non-profits.

[[image|center|caption=Irina Bokova (center) and Dan Wagner with IEDP students at an event at Penn in 2016|width=450|src=]]

How the Great Recession hurt student performance

The Great Recession hurt student performance, and schools with the most disadvantaged students were hurt the most, according to new research from Penn GSE’s Matthew Steinberg.

[[image|left|faculty=5044|caption=Dr. Matthew Steinberg]]Steinberg and Penn GSE post-doctoral fellow Kenneth Shores analyzed a data set that included 95 percent of public school students, as Chalkbeat recently detailed.




Getting to know how kids play, think, learn, and live

Incoming students in Penn GSE’s Teacher Education Program (TEP) get a unique jumpstart on their learning. Each July during summer session, master’s students spread out across Philadelphia to serve as teaching apprentices in community-based organizations in the neighborhoods where they will be student teaching in the fall.

Should colleges consider “study drugs” cheating?

How should colleges respond as more students are using so-called study drugs to power through midterms?




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