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A conversation with Howard Stevenson

When he started working with children, Penn GSE’s Howard Stevenson, a clinical psychologist, would move his therapy sessions out of the office and onto the basketball court.

“The young people would often talk more during the games. It ended up being part of a model that I used later on,” Stevenson recently told the Penn Current. 

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Annual writing and literacy conference brings Philadelphia educators to Penn GSE

The Philadelphia Writing Project (PhilWP), Teachers Institute of Philadelphia, Mighty Writers and Penn GSE’s Reading/Writing/Literacy and Teacher Education Program have a long-standing dedication to improving literacy and learning in all content areas in classrooms and schools in Philadelphia.

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Amy Benedict helps students and alumni envision making their working lives flow

When students and alumni come to Amy Benedict for advice, she often asks them to think about flow—the state where their minds are fully engaged, and tasks feel natural, even when they are not easy.

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Benedict, Penn GSE’s Director of Career and Professional Development, says that sense of flow offers important clues for job seekers. What skills and qualities are you using when you are in that flowing work state? How else could those skills be applied?

Wagner: The US needs UNESCO

This fall, The Trump administration announced the U.S. is withdrawing from UNESCO.

Penn GSE’s Dan Wagner, a Special Advisor to UNESCO’s Director-General, argues in an op-ed for The Hill that this decision is a mistake. [[image|right|faculty=4982|caption=Dr. Dan Wagner]]

“The truth is that the U.S. needs UNESCO more than UNESCO needs the United States.

Quinn: Philadelphians should elect the city’s next school board

In 2018, Philadelphia will again have a local school board after 17 years of state control under the School Reform Commission.  

Mayor Jim Kenney has proposed that he should have the power to appoint a board, with City Council given the chance to confirm members.  

Former Danish education minister discusses school reforms

In 2011, the Danish government put out an open invitation to school leaders, teachers, policy makers, and industry partners to imagine a complete overhaul of the nation’s schools, serving students aged 1 to 19. 

Penn GSE and Wharton team for new dual-degree program

Cindy Liu arrived at Penn with a vision. She wants to create a global network of schools that focus on experiential and personalized learning.

Turning that vision into a reality will require succeeding in the classroom and on the balance sheet. So Liu is studying both business and education, as the first student in a dual-degree program that will allow her to earn an MBA from the Wharton School and a Master’s in Education Entrepreneurship from Penn GSE.

Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses racism, writing

Ta-Nehisi Coates was trying to explain how different audiences approach his writing, and what they seek in his detailed portrayals of the warping power of racism throughout American history.  

Students perform better when teachers have a greater role in school leadership, Richard Ingersoll finds

Students in schools where teachers have a greater role in school leadership and design of instruction perform better in mathematics and English language proficiency, as detailed in a new white paper from Penn GSE’s Richard Ingersoll.

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Mapping next steps for expanding arts education in Philadelphia

As part of an effort to expand arts education in Philadelphia, Penn GSE's Martin Ihrig helped conduct a 16-month study to identify which public schools have access to art or music education. 

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