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Should colleges consider “study drugs” cheating?

How should colleges respond as more students are using so-called study drugs to power through midterms?




Hannah Brenneman, teaching ambassador

These days, Hannah Brenneman is busy polishing up on her Spanish and preparing for her new role as a teaching ambassador for the U.S. Department of State in Mexico.

Stevenson discusses what’s next after Charlottesville

Confronting racism can be hard. That’s true if it’s the explicit racism seen in white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville this month or more implicit institutional racism that exists in everyday life. Because it’s hard, we have to practice, according to Penn GSE’s Howard Stevenson.

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Wolf: Children from poor neighborhoods are less likely to be ready for school

As the income gap in America continues to grow, more families are living in neighborhoods with high concentrations of poverty. Children growing up in those neighborhoods are less likely to be academically ready to start kindergarten, Penn GSE’s Sharon Wolf recently told Education Week.

Flores: Segregation, not language background, likely explains proficiency gap for Spanish-speaking English learners

Earlier this year, a study by the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium found that English learners from Spanish-speaking homes in Philadelphia public schools were less likely to be English proficient after third grade than their peers from homes where other languages, such as Chinese or Arabic, were spoken.

Maynard: Claims by DeVos-backed ‘brain performance’ company ‘misleading at best’

Earlier this year, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos increased her family’s financial stake in Neurocore, a company that claims it can treat conditions including anxiety, autism, depression, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to Education Week.   

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To change lives, Rob Connor is focusing on the whole family in Trenton school

Not long ago, a student of the Christina Seix Academy (CSA) in Trenton, NJ, had a mother with no job and an unstable housing situation. Today, that student is thriving. With the guidance of the independent school, the mother has completed a nursing program and obtained a job.

Education Business Plan Competition partners with Reimagine Education for Idea Path competition

The Innovation @ Penn GSE team is always looking for new ways to support and catalyze innovation in education. The crown jewel of these efforts is the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition (EBPC).  In 2015, the competition launched an Idea Path – a showcase for entrepreneurs in the early stages of ideation and venture development.

Deans of three Penn schools commit to continuing collaborations to improve the lives of Philadelphia children and families

The Penn Futures Project (PFP) kicked off its second year by bringing together academic researchers, officials from Philadelphia and the city school district, and civic leaders for a roundtable on ways to support area children and families. PFP was established in 2016 by the deans of the Graduate School of Education, the School of Nursing, and School of Social Policy & Practice to forge evidence-based, cross-disciplinary collaborations to support children and families in Philadelphia.

Bringing pedagogy to corporate professional development

Noticing how time consuming, expensive—and in some cases frustrating—it can be for businesses seeking professional development to find the right program for their teams, Ilya Breyman set off to find a better way.





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