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Dinner and conversation bring Philadelphia communities together

January 31 was a stressful day for Syrian immigrants living in the United States. Four days earlier, President Donald Trump had signed an executive order banning people from Syria and six other Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S.

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Yumi Matsumoto studies English as a lingua franca in powerhouse ELX Division

As the world becomes more connected, people from different countries, who speak different languages, need to find ways to communicate. Yumi Matsumoto examines how people from diverse backgrounds use English as a lingua franca to bridge these linguistic and cultural divides.

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Higher Education Leadership: Beyond “Sanctuary”

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Finney: Unaffordable colleges hurting Pennsylvania’s economy

Appearing on WITF, Finney discussed the state’s poor ranking in her College Affordability Diagnosis.

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Pennsylvania’s economy will suffer if the state doesn’t change its approach to college affordability, Penn GSE’s Joni Finney told WITF’s Smart Talk.

Penn GSE student helps local immigrants and refugees learn English

Each of the five students in the English class is a refugee, each from a different country, each with a different language. The volunteer teacher, Anne Pyzocha, is a student herself, in the last semester of GSE’s two-year Master of Science in Education in the Educational Linguistics Division, specializing in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, or TESOL.

Students create wearable tech to learn computer science

Brianna Maldonado held her hands still as Eva Snyder sewed a sensor into the knit glove Maldonado wore. They and their 11th grade classmates at String Theory’s Performance Arts School in Philadelphia were taking part in an e-textile lesson created by Penn GSE’s Yasmin Kafai. Professor Kafai, chair of Penn GSE’s Teaching, Learning and Leadership division, is renowned for her pioneering research around learning and electronic gaming.

U.S. Under Secretary of Education visits Penn GSE

Ted Mitchell, Under Secretary of Education in the Obama administration, said he would answer anything.

It was mid-December, and Mitchell stopped by Penn GSE during a trip through Philadelphia. For more than an hour, he candidly answered questions from about 20 doctoral and master’s students on how higher education policy gets made, the challenges facing colleges, and making progress amidst partisan divide.

Penn GSE scholars recognized for influencing public discourse on education

Eleven researchers from Penn GSE have made Education Week’s 2017 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings list. Of these, nine are members of the School’s standing faculty, which represents nearly a quarter of that group.   

The list, created by Rick Hess, the Director of Public Policy at the American Enterprise Institute, recognizes scholars whose work shapes public discussion around education. 

Flores: Philadelphia once a national leader in bilingual education

For several years, the School District of Philadelphia has been expanding its dual language immersion programs, with some help from Penn GSE educational linguist Nelson Flores.

There are now six district schools that have programs teaching students in both English and Spanish, with hopes to add more schools. In some ways,  this recent expansion represents the rebuilding of what was once a robust climate for bilingual learning.

University boards can play a role in institutional diversity

Senior Fellow Peter Eckel, a member of the Higher Education division at Penn GSE, was a recent guest on Wharton’s Sirius radio station to discussing the role boards of trustees can play in universities.

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