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Baker cooks up new Center for Learning Analytics

There has been a revolution in educational data mining over the past few years – and new frontiers in adaptive or personalized learning are rapidly opening up. This is according to Penn GSE Associate Professor Ryan Baker, whose research is situated at the bleeding edge of technology and learning.  Baker researches how students use and learn from educational games, intelligent tutors, simulations, and other kinds of educational software. These changes present new challenges and opportunities for teachers, students, and researchers.

ShaVon Savage, Penn GSE alum, finds home leading West Philly's Lea School

The wide range of skills ShaVon Savage (GSE ‘02) mastered during her previous professional lives have prepared her for her new post as the principal of the Henry C. Lea Elementary School in West Philadelphia, a partnership school with Penn GSE.

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Five Penn GSE students develop peace curriculum for UNESCO

A curriculum guide developed for UNESCO by five Penn GSE students during a class last spring is now available to teachers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Penn GSE faculty share expertise at AERA Knowledge Forum

At the 2016 American Educational Research Association annual conference, Vivian Gadsden, Richard Ingersoll, Laura Perna, and Howard Stevenson were four of 32 scholars sharing research in the Ed-Talk format. Here are their Ed-Talks: 

A year after student protests at Missouri, Jonathan Zimmerman is still looking at the politics on American campuses

As he watched student protests unfold at the University of Missouri, Yale, and other campuses last fall, Penn GSE education historian Jonathan Zimmerman wondered: What makes this time different?

Grossman: Improving teacher education programs will improve student achievement

[[image|left|faculty=5049|caption=Dr. Pam Grossman]]

The U.S. Department of Education has a role to play in improving the quality of teacher education across the country, Penn GSE Dean Pam Grossman writes in the Huffington Post.

Men must speak up when they hear language like Trump's, Shaun Harper says

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, Penn GSE’s Shaun Harper said Donald Trump’s comments about women should prompt a call to action for all men.

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“When men fail to challenge other men on troubling things they say about and do to women, we contribute to cultures that excuse sexual harassment, assault and other forms of gender violence,” Harper wrote.

Penn GSE grad leading an XQ Super School

Cristina Alvarez spent 15 years planning what would become Delaware Design-Lab High. She envisioned a place where students would be challenged to learn by solving real world problems in their own communities.

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An inbox brimming with good news

From prestigious awards to new grants to staying on top of the national conversation, our inbox at Penn GSE News has been brimming with accolades.

In no particular order:

Shaun Harper was named #36 on The Root’s Top 100 list.

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