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Penn GSE welcomes Otis Hackney as Philadelphia’s Chief Education Officer

Otis Hackney, Philadelphia’s new Chief Education Officer, is reimagining ways to forge connections in the city’s education community.

Steinberg and Gray set the stage for discussion of school suspensions

In the last three months, Penn GSE’s Matthew Steinberg and Abigail Gray, a researcher at the Penn-based Consortium for Policy Research in Education, have both published research examining school suspensions in Philadelphia. 


Experts look to Fantuzzo's work to understand Philly schools amid leadership change

For years, Penn GSE’s John Fantuzzo and his research team have been leveraging big data systems to paint a more holistic picture of the challenges facing Philadelphia’s schoolchildren. In addition to looking at school demographics, Fantuzzo’s team cross-referenced city data on students’ homelessness, lead exposure, low birth weight and more.  

Penn GSE Team Fosters Truly Collaborative Community-Based Research in South Philly

The idea of researchers “collaborating” with a community is a common one, but Gerald Campano, Penn GSE associate professor of literacy and culture, believes that it is often a hollow term. His mission has been to create deep, long-term collaborations for community-based research that are a genuine and equal sharing of knowledge.


Annual writing and literacy conference brings Philadelphia educators to Penn GSE

The Philadelphia Writing Project (PhilWP), Teachers Institute of Philadelphia, Mighty Writers and Penn GSE’s Reading/Writing/Literacy and Teacher Education Program have a long-standing dedication to improving literacy and learning in all content areas in classrooms and schools in Philadelphia.

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Quinn: Philadelphians should elect the city’s next school board

In 2018, Philadelphia will again have a local school board after 17 years of state control under the School Reform Commission.  

Mayor Jim Kenney has proposed that he should have the power to appoint a board, with City Council given the chance to confirm members.  

Mapping next steps for expanding arts education in Philadelphia

As part of an effort to expand arts education in Philadelphia, Penn GSE's Martin Ihrig helped conduct a 16-month study to identify which public schools have access to art or music education. 

Getting to know how kids play, think, learn, and live

Incoming students in Penn GSE’s Teacher Education Program (TEP) get a unique jumpstart on their learning. Each July during summer session, master’s students spread out across Philadelphia to serve as teaching apprentices in community-based organizations in the neighborhoods where they will be student teaching in the fall.

Flores: Segregation, not language background, likely explains proficiency gap for Spanish-speaking English learners

Earlier this year, a study by the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium found that English learners from Spanish-speaking homes in Philadelphia public schools were less likely to be English proficient after third grade than their peers from homes where other languages, such as Chinese or Arabic, were spoken.

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