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Penn GSE student-run journal mentors students and seeks variety of authors

High-quality academic content isn’t the only thing the editors of Penn GSE’s Perspectives on Urban Education are busy preparing this fall. They are also preparing the next generation of scholars to successfully publish research and review that of their peers. For 2015-2016 editors-in-chief Robert LeBlanc and Geeta Aneja, mentoring fellow graduate students is a significant aspect of their work with the student-run digital journal.

The value of caring in the classroom

Three former English teachers sat in the front of the room and talked about the less-heralded metrics educators can use to measure student progress.

Penn GSE Mid-Career Program hosts EdCamp Leadership

Earlier this month, Penn GSE played host to EdCamp Leadership, an “unconference” bringing together school leaders to think about new approaches to professional development.

EdCamp is a free conference where educators create their own agenda, based on attendees' expertise and needs. 

PBS’s NewsHour features Penn GSE’s Richard Ingersoll

Education Policy professor Richard Ingersoll’s work around the teaching workforce is the gold standard in education in research nationally. He’s featured in a recent PBS NewsHour story examining the state of the teaching workforce, and the career outlooks for recent teacher education graduates.

Penn GSE's Joe Mazza to moderate Twitter chat with Arne Duncan

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will take part in a Twitter chat 1:30 p.m. EST, Wednesday, July 1 moderated by Joe Mazza, Leadership Innovation Manager for Penn GSE’s Mid-Career Leadership Program.

Joe Mazza

Applying brain power to education

Penn GSE’s Center for School Study Councils (CSSC) took learning about the brain—and learning with the brain—to a whole new level with a visit to The Franklin Institute science museum.

Superintendents around a multimedia exhibit

What’s next for women in gaming after Gamergate?

The Gamergate controversy revealed an ugly element of the gaming world to the broader public as women who create, critique and study online games suffered vile and personal attacks for doing their jobs.

woman looks at poster about Lego for Girls

The 2015 Diversifying Barbie and Mortal Kombat/GenderIT Conference included poster sessions, panels, and presentations on diversity in gaming and IT.

Multimodality takes center stage at Screening Scholarship Media Festival

April 9, 2015 —Ethnographers are both researchers and storytellers.

sculpture of figure with mirrored face

Performance installation by Shakeil Greely, entitled Trail of Silence

MCDPEL Innovations Lab launches weekly podcast focused on real-world scenarios in education leadership

The new Innovations Lab at the Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (@MCDPEL) at Penn GSE will launch a weekly scenario-based educational leadership podcast, entitled #BACKCHANNELedu, starting Monday, March 2. The series is focused on problem-solving real-life challenges submitted by educational leaders, and each episode ends  with a cliffhanger.

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