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Ebony Elizabeth Thomas uses LA Times reviews to highlight multicultural children’s literature

Children’s and adolescent texts are a major focal point of Ebony Elizabeth Thomas’s research at Penn GSE. She focuses on the absence and failed representation of multicultural characters in these stories. This shortage of children’s and young adult books which present diverse characters positively, Thomas argues, has decreased the desire of marginalized and minority youth to pick up a book and read.

Kickstarter campaign aims to develop educational toys from Yasmin Kafai’s research

In the last five years, Yasmin Kafai has found ways to bridge a traditional craft, sewing, with technology to provide new ways for children to learn creatively about electronics. That has included partnerships with Penn’s School of Design and the Franklin Institute, an annual festival, and ecrafting.org, a website and project backed by the National Science Foundation.

Now Kafai and her partners have extended the research project by creating Cirkits, a circus-themed sewable electronics kit for children ages 6 to 10.

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