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Thank You Benjamin Franklin Society Members!

September 6, 2013 - We gratefully acknowledge the following members of the Benjamin Franklin Society (BFS), Penn’s prestigious leadership giving society, who have supported the Penn GSE Annual Fund with gifts of $2,500 or more between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

We are also pleased to announce that alumni who have graduated within the past 14 years can now join the Benjamin Franklin Society with gifts of $250 (1-4 years since graduation), $500 (5-9 years since graduation), or $1,000 (10-14 years since graduation).

Since all Penn GSE Annual Fund gifts are allocated to student scholarships, the donors below have helped to secure access to education’s future leaders. If you are interested in joining the Benjamin Franklin Society, please contact Alison Palmer at or (215) 746-0216.



Penn GSE BFS Members:

  • Paula W. Argosh GED82
  • Joan Barksdale G68 & Edgar W. Barksdale, Jr. WG68
  • Joshua M. Berlin W95
  • Carol Lefkowitz Boas NU77 & Andrew M. Boas
  • Allison Weiss Brady C93 & Dennis A. Brady, Jr. C94 W94
  • Randi S. Cosentino C95 GRD11
  • Lee Spelman Doty W76
  • Lisa K. Forman C98
  • Benjamin Harris C97
  • Melanie Franco Nussdorf CW71
  • Lawrence C. Nussdorf W68
  • Scott G. Pearl W95
  • Karen Bress Rose CW67 GED68 & Gary D. Rose C67
  • Renee B. Spelman GED79
  • Edmund C. Spelman III C79 GED79
  • Timothy Timura GRD12
  • Edward M. Yorke W81 & Jennifer Yorke

Penn GSE Recent Alumni BFS Members:

  • Christopher A. Bradie W92 G04 GRD12
  • Anne N. Catena GRD09
  • Damon Cates GRD11
  • Eleanor Fogarty GRD08
  • Sandra Johnson GRD12
  • Mary L. Kelly GRD11
  • Benjamin Neilson, Jr. C84 GRD05
  • Stephanie Josephine Schuetz GED08
  • Rita E. Silver GR99
  • E. J. Steier III GED09 GRD10