35th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum

The Ethnographic Imagination:

Arts, Multimodality, and Pedagogies of the Possible

February 28 - March 1, 2014
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Center for Urban Ethnography
Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6216
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With the multimodal affordances of today’s digital technologies, aesthetic and symbolic practices are more and more a part of people’s everyday lives the world over. Meanwhile, in schools, aesthetic approaches to learning are too often – increasingly – perceived as "extras" that can be relegated to the margins of the curriculum or eliminated entirely without repercussion. Yet, the arts expand our ways of knowing as surely as ethnography expands our ways of understanding our world.  Indeed, several ethnographic research traditions have explored the pedagogical possibilities of artistic expression and performance, in and out of schools. How do we as educators envision the place of artistic and multimodal expression in our pedagogies? And what roles can we as ethnographers play in exploring and imagining possibilities for creative and aesthetic ways of learning/knowing in classrooms, schools, and learning communities?

As the Ethnography in Education Research Forum reaches its 35th year, we invite you to celebrate what is possible in teaching and research when conducted through artistic, multimodal lenses. We welcome the arts in ethnographic research (e.g. ethnographic films, ethnographic poetry) alongside ethnographies of arts education and aesthetic approaches to learning in formal or informal settings. We seek to showcase teachers, researchers, practitioner-researchers, students and artists who demonstrate what is possible in pedagogy through their imagination and creativity, especially in contexts that are less supportive of the arts. We foresee presentations of ethnography and pedagogy in the arts, through the arts, and as art. 


Nancy H. Hornberger
University of Pennsylvania


Holly Link
Hoa Nguyen

Communities of Inquiry Symposium

Rob Simon and the Teaching to Learn Project - University of Toronto – OISE

Plenary Speakers

Christine Hélot

University of Strasbourg

Stanton Wortham

University of Pennsylvania

Vivian Vasquez

American University

Shirley Brice Heath

Stanford University and Brown University, emerita


About the Forum

The Ethnography in Education Research Forum, convened by the Center for Urban Ethnography at the University of Pennsylvania every year since 1980, is the largest annual meeting of qualitative researchers in education. The Forum has from the beginning excelled in nurturing ethnographic research and researchers in schools. The Forum is known for its friendly and supportive atmosphere for fledgling researchers and for the spirit of relaxed and open dialogue embracing newcomers and experienced researchers alike. Areas of emphasis include: multicultural issues in education, practitioner/teacher/action research, critical and feminist ethnography, ethnographic evaluation in education, language issues in education, uses of ethnography in math and science, and indigenous language revitalization.

Practitioner Research Day

Practitioner Inquiry Day was initiated in 1987 by Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Susan L. Lytle – both assistant professors at Penn GSE at the time – and grew from the burgeoning interest in teacher research, action research, critical action research, and participatory research that was evident across the U.S. and internationally. From the beginning, the intent of Practitioner Inquiry Day was to provide a space for educators to share their research in various formats, including papers, symposia, data sessions, informal group discussions, et cetera. Read more

Penn GSE's Second Screening Scholarship Media Festival

To encourage the use of multimedia in presenting ethnographic research, camra at Penn and GSE Films in collaboration with the 35th Annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum present the Second Screening Scholarship Media Festival