Academic Divisions

Applied Psychology and Human Development Division

Engaged scholarship meets practical problem-solving in Penn GSE’s Applied Psychology and Human Development (APHD) division. Our faculty, whose expertise runs the gamut from social-emotional and cognitive development and cross-cultural psychology to counseling and theories of mind, provide students with a foundation in the core concepts of psychological intervention: assessment, intervention, learning and development, and field research.

Education, Culture, and Society Division

Education, Culture, and Society provides students strong theoretical and disciplinary foundations for the study of a broad range of educational processes and forms of cultural production, transmission, and socialization across the life span. The program is based on the recognition that education (broadly conceived) is shaped by the dynamic and changing structures of society, culture, and political economy in our contemporary world. 

Education Policy Division

The Education Policy program offers coursework and research training in the study of education, reform, and policy for individuals interested in careers in academic, governmental, and non-governmental research settings. Research training includes multiple methods of inquiry, covers all levels of education from pre-K through higher education, and addresses multiple levels of public interest, including local, state, national, and international.

Educational Linguistics Division

Penn GSE’s Educational Linguistics division (ELX) is a pioneer in the field. One of the first two educational linguistics programs in the world—and one of only two in the Ivy League—Penn GSE’s ELX has been home to powerhouse scholars like Dell Hymes, Nessa Wolfson, Teresa Pica, and Nancy Hornberger, giants who have shaped research and practice across the globe. Never resting on its impressive pedigree, the ELX division continues to promote excellence in its search for the next generation of researcher/educators.

Higher Education Division

The Higher Education Division (HED) provides students with a broad understanding of higher education and of the most successful practices of campus management.

Quantitative Methods Division

The Quantitative Methods (QM) Division prepares scholars for careers in academic institutions, government, and research firms worldwide. It emphasizes development and application of advanced scale construction, item response theory, survey methods, longitudinal and multilevel modeling, structural equations modeling, multivariate statistics, and the design and implementation of controlled experiments and other high-impact evaluations. 

Reading/Writing/Literacy Division

The Reading/Writing/Literacy program prepares students as practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in educational settings that include K-12 schools, colleges, and universities; community-based literacy programs, and educational publishing and government programs.

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division

Preparing teachers, educational leaders, and researchers, our TLL Division programs address practice-based and theoretical problems in schools and community settings related to teaching and learning, learning sciences and technologies, curriculum, informal learning, and educational leadership.

Additional Programs