Penn GSE Staff Directory

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Name Role Phone
Ross Aikins Program Manager, HED 8-8398
Madel Angeles ISHD Program Assistant 8-4610
Ndeh Willy Anyu Program Coordinator, Center for Minority Serving Institutions 8-8956
Veronica Aplenc Program Manager, TLL 6-2566
Earl Ball Co-director, School Leadership program 3-7499
Katherine Barghaus Research Analyst, Penn Child
Brad BesharaManaging Director, Office of Academic Innovation
Bonnie Botel-Sheppard Director, Penn Literacy Network 8-1984
Ruth Boyle Administrative Assistant, National Center on Adult Literacy 8-3283
Bernice Bradley Administrative Assistant, TFA 3-9323
Linda Breitstein Project Manager, PPCE
Melissa Calvert Vice Dean of Development
Sara Cantwell Development Coordinator
Karen Carter Administrative Coordinator, HED
Janeen Chavis Assistant Director, Student Records Office
Wendy Coffman Communications Assistant and Web Content Editor
Amanda Colburn Admissions and Financial Aid Officer and Executive Administrator
Laura Colket Associate Director, Penn Residency Master’s in Teaching
Joyce A. Cook Grants and Contracts Support Specialist 8-8223
Maureen A. Cotterill Coordinator, Teacher Education Program 8-7364
Penny M. Creedon Program Manager, RWL 8-3245
Kristy Crocetto Program Coordinator, Exec Doc in Higher Ed Management
Jason Cronk Associate Director, Admissions and Financial Aid 8-1952
Monica Czuczman Financial Coordinator 8-6447
Amitanshu Das Senior Fellow and Director, GSE Films 6-4856
Priscilla Dawson Co-director, School Leadership program 3-7498
Betty S. Deane Coordinator of Faculty Affairs 8-7370
John A. DeFlaminis Exec. Director of the Penn Center for Educucational Leadership 3-0586
Tony DelGozzo Facilities Manager, 3440 Market Street 8-7388
Kathryn P. DiSands Administrative Assistant, Business Office 6-5434
Mary DiSangro Administrative Coordinator, Center for School Study Councils 8-7371
Peter Eckel Director Of Leadership Programs (AHEAD)


Tim Emgushov Sr. IT Support Specialist  8-1847
Paola "Lola" Esmieu Associate Director for Programs, Center for Minority Serving Institutions
Diane Eynon Director, Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management
Kristina Featherstone Program Manager, Ed Policy 3-8075
Ryan Fink Researcher, CPRE 3-0700 x243
LaToya Floyd Senior Associate Director, Admissions and Financial Aid
Jeffrey B. Frantz Communication Specialist, Communications 8-3269
Sam Frenkel Assistant Director of Fiscal Operations 8-5694
Patricia V. Friess Administrative Assistant, TLL 8-7381
Alesha Gayle Director, TFA 8-2578
Joseph V. Ginotti Associate Director, Penn Literacy Network 8-1984
Peg Goertz Director, CPRE 3-0700 x228
Heather Goldsworthy Researcher, CPRE
Abigail Gray Senior Research Investigator, CPRE
3-0700 x236
Yolanda S. Green Financial Coordinator, CPRE 3-0700 x234
Benjamin Greenwald
Administrative Coordinator, Office of Academic Innovation908-770-8341
Coral Haas Human Resources Coordinator 6-6575
Rochelle Hambeau-Miller Program Assistant, Professional Counseling
Jessie R. Harper Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Diversity
Miriam Y. Harris Administrative Assistant, Philadelphia Writing Project 8-1919
Imani Harvin Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs 8-6456
Michael Herzog Director of IT 6-7074
Elizabeth Hill Administrative Assistant, TLL 8-5690
John Irwin Director, GSE Data and Analysis 8-2514
Robert Jarvis Director, Delaware Valley Minority Student Achievement Consortium 6-7375
Rakeem Jeter IT Project Leader, GSE IT 3-8493
Chris Jimenez Assistant Director for Communications, Center for Minority Serving Institutions 6-3846
Michael C. Johanek Director, Mid-Career Doc. Program in Ed Leadership
Diana A. Johnson Executive Assistant, Dean's Office
Dana JoyceAssistant Director of Marketing, Admissions and Financial Aid8-9789
Melissa M. Kapadia-Bodi Coordinator, Dean's Office
Eric Kaplan Chief of Staff
Sarah Peyton Kaufman Program Manager, Educational Linguistics
Maria Kelly Sr. Web Application Developer, GSE IT 3-7294
Sherriann King Financial Coordinator 6-7736
Katherine Kinney Grossman Coordinator, Teacher Education Program
Ann M. Kreidle Project Coordinator, Penn partnership schools 215-823-5463
Kathleen Krier Mathematics Liaison to NN2 8-5697
Ameena Kucher Associate Director, IEDP 8-5004
Bobbi Kurshan Director of Academic Innovation & Senior Fellow
Whitney Leboeuf Research Analyst, Penn Child
Ayoung Lee Administrative Coordinator, Education Entrepreneurship Program
Christine P. Lee Administrative Coordinator, Quantitative Methods
Rebecca Leech Sr. Web Designer, GSE IT
Linda Leibowitz Associate Director, SMHC Program
Jane Lindahl Administrative Coordinator, Development and Alumni Relations 3-6084
Sharon Lipscomb Program Assistant, ECS and IEDP 8-9375
Candace Logan Program Coordinator, Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership 3-0588
Jessica M. Lundeen Program Coordinator, Exec Doc in Higher Ed Management 3-0588
Elizabeth Mackenzie Program Manager, Human Development and Professional Counseling 8-4176
Lois MacNamara Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs 8-7019
Anthony Mastrando Financial Admin Coordinator 3-0700x293
Annie McKee Program Director, PennCLO & Med Ed Programs
Megan McManus Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Helen Mitchell-Sears Grants Manager
Ramón Monrás-Sender Registrar, Student Records Office
Jennifer MooreEditor, Communications3-5968
Judy Morales-DiazAdmissions Coordinator3-6115
Zachary L. Nachsin IT Support Specialist 8-4463
Carolyn Karolczyk Nalewajko Associate Director for Operations, Center for Minority Serving Institutions
Terence Newby Facilities Manager, 3700 Walnut 3-4465
Katherine O’Morchoe Program Assistant, ELX Division 8-7912
James F. O'Toole Director, Distributed Leadership and Penn Search
Andrea Oettinger Researcher, CPRE
3-0700 x240
Suzanne I. Oh Program Assistant, ELX Division
Kervin Pillot Assistant Dean; Director Of Admissions
Alex Posecznick Program Manager, ECS 3-3947

Jason Presley

Chief Financial Officer 8-1161
Christopher Pupik Dean Director, Penn Residency Masters in Teacher Program 6-2566
Elisabeth ReinkordtStaff Writer, Communications6-7378
J. Matthew Riggan Researcher, CPRE
3-0700 x299
Amara Rockar Administrative Coordinator, SLP  6-2718
Paula Rogers Administrative Assistant, TLL, RWL, and C-SAIL  8-5023
Joan Romm Admin Coordinator, Office of Academic Innovation 3-9863
Juliana Rosati Editor, The Penn GSE Magazine; Communications Officer, Student and Alumni Relations 8-9704
Rona D. Rosenberg Assistant Dean for Executive Education 3-2872
Heather Rouse Research Associate, Penn Child Research Center
Marlene Ryder Office Assistant, Penn Literacy Network 6-4864
Iris J. Sanchez Administrative Coordinator, Penn Literacy Network 8-1984
Sara Saxby Grant Manager 6-4486
Lauren Scicluna Administrative Assistant, IEDP 8-5199
Theresa E. Singleton Human Resources Coordinator 3-8146
Philip Sirinides Senior Researcher, CPRE
Harris Sokoloff Exec. Dir., Center for School Study Councils; Director, Penn Project for Civic Engagement
Kelly A. Stanton Publications Manager, CPRE 3-0700
Kat Stein Executive Director, Communications 8-9642
Jonathan StewartWeb Application Developer 8-6035
Jonathan Supovitz Co-Director, CPRE 3-0700 x230
Gregory M. Tausz Director of Fiscal Operations 8-5422
Leonor Tendido Accounts payable specialist 8-6447
Elizabeth Ulivella Associate Director, PennCLO and MedEd Programs 3-0591
Diane Waff Co-Director, Philadelphia Writing Project 8-8130
Dan Wagner Director, IEDP 8-9803
Charles E. Washington Instructional Technology & Multimedia Service Coordinator
Frank Wenger Program Coordinator, SMHC 8-5244
Martha F. Williams Program Coordinator, Mid-Career Program in Ed Leadership
Nyssa Worthington-Kirsch Administrative Coordinator, Penn CLO & MedEd Programs 6-5677
Jenny Zapf Director, Education Entrepreneurship Program 8-3265


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