RISE for Boys and Men of Color

The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education and Equal Measure, a national evaluation and philanthropic services firm in Philadelphia, are co-leading Research, Integration, Strategies, and Evaluation (RISE) for Boys and Men of Color. The Atlantic Philanthropies, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Annie E. Casey Foundation, members of the Executives' Alliance to Expand Opportunity for Boys and Men of Color, have agreed to invest $8.5 million into this $10 million three-year collaborative. “This is a bold effort to address racial disparities in a coordinated, strategic way,” said Christopher G. Oechsli, president and CEO of The Atlantic Philanthropies, which has invested more than $350 million over the past decade to promote racial equity and improve pathways to opportunity for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the United States. “By using evidence and evaluation to inform actionable policy, RISE will help to dismantle the unfair obstacles to opportunity and equality that disproportionately impact not only young men of color, but entire communities.”

RISE has four primary aims:

1. To convene scholars across five fields – education, health, human development and social policy, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development – to take stock of what is known and what remains to be known about Asian American, Black, Latino, and Native American boys and men.

2. To translate research from these five fields for policymakers, community stakeholders, journalists, and practitioner audiences.

3. To create a virtual community of practice that unites researchers across the five fields with each other and engages policymakers, community agents, and practitioners. The dynamic web portal will include an extensive, completely open library of research on boys and men of color (including PDFs of peer-reviewed articles and research reports), a national directory of experts on each ethnic group and in each field, monthly public engagement forums, and numerous other resources.

4. To create evidence-based solutions with and on behalf of boys and men of color. This will be done through the regranting of $5.25 million for new research studies, ideation challenges, and program evaluation projects. Equal Measure will oversee this process.

Penn GSE Professor Shaun R. Harper is co-directing RISE with Sharon Norris-Shelton at Equal Measure. “The collaborative affords us a powerful opportunity to more effectively leverage our collective expertise to improve policies, practices, and conditions for boys and men of color,” Harper said. "We are excited to collaborate with Equal Measure, the Executives' Alliance, and others on this important work." RISE is identifying 10 partner organizations that will play critical roles in advancing its overall mission and objectives. This group will represent several professional sectors, serve as a voice for various racial/ethnic populations, and play a strategic role in all RISE activities.

“Efforts like RISE are essential in helping this nation address the burdens of inequity that so many children and families of color face. And, no demographic bears those burdens more intensely than boys and men of color,” said La June Montgomery Tabron, president and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. “We are optimistic that what is learned through these research efforts can ultimately be used to help change hearts and minds, inform policy decision-making at all levels and address the structural inequities that limit opportunities for young men of color.”