Daniel Stuckey

Area of Study: 
Education Policy
Research Interests: 
The Teaching Workforce: Quality, Compensation, Mobility, and Professional Learning
Richard Ingersoll

Daniel Stuckey is a Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy who studies teacher workforce issues, including teacher quality, teacher compensation, teacher mobility, and teacher professional learning.  With advisor Richard Ingersoll, Daniel is researching how the teaching workforce has changed in the past twenty-five years and how these changes have impacted the type and cost of instruction offered to students.  For his dissertation, Daniel is examining the career pathways of Teach For America corps members in New York City.  What are corps member retention rates?  What do corps members do if they stop teaching?  What factors predict retention in the profession?  Before attending graduate school, Daniel taught high school English for five years in Washington, DC.



Ingersoll, R., Merrill, L., & Stuckey, D. (2014). Seven Trends:  The Transformation of the Teaching Force (No. RR-80). Philadelphia: Consortium For Policy Research in Education, University of Pennsylvania. Retrieved from http://www.cpre.org/sites/default/files/workingpapers/1506_7trendsapril2014.pdf


Desimone, L. M. & Stuckey, D. A.  (2014).  Sustaining Teacher Professional Development.  In L. Martin, Krakler, S., & Bauserman, K. (Eds.) Handbook of Professional Development.  New York, NY: Guilford.


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