Claire Robertson-Kraft

Area of Study: 
Education Policy & Sociology
Year of Graduation: 
Research Interests: 
Teacher effectiveness and retention, compensation reform, and professional development
Richard Ingersoll
Dissertation Topic: 
Teachers' Motivational Responses to New Performance Management Systems: An Evaluation of the Pilot of Aldine's INVEST System
Current Position: 
Associate Director, Operation Public Education, University of Pennsylvania-Center for Greater Philadelphia

Claire Robertson-Kraft is a third year Ph.D. student in education policy at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to enrolling in GSE, Claire was the associate director of Operation Public Education, a school reform effort based at Penn focused on helping districts develop new teacher evaluation, compensation and professional development systems. She also worked as a third grade teacher and program director supporting elementary and special education teachers with Teach For America in Houston. Claire holds a B.A. in urban studies and philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also very active in the Philadelphia education community and serves as board chair of Young Involved Philadelphia.

Her research interests are in teacher effectiveness and retention, specifically focused on policies related to teacher recruitment, preparation/induction, evaluation, and compensation. She worked with Research for Action on the evaluation of the Philadelphia School District’s Renaissance School Initiative and with Professor Angela Duckworth on a study examining the impact of “grit” on teacher effectiveness and retention. She is currently working with Dean Andy Porter on an international comparison of teacher preparation programs.


Hershberg, T., & Robertson-Kraft, C. (2009). A Grand Bargain for Education Reform: New Rewards and Supports for New Accountability.

Gold, E., Good, D., & Robertson-Kraft, C. (2011). Philadelphia’s Renaissance Schools: A report on start up and early implementation. Research for Action, Philadelphia, PA.