Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng

Area of Study: 
Education Policy, GSE & Sociology, SAS
Year of Graduation: 
Research Interests: 
Race/ethnicity and immigration, youth and adolescence, gender gaps in education
Grace Kao, John Puckett, Emily Hannum, Paul Allison
Dissertation Topic: 
The Lonely Social World of Racial and Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Youth: Examining Social Isolation of Adolescents from their Peers, Teachers, and Parents
Dissertation Committee: 
Grace Kao, John Puckett, Emily Hannum, Paul Allison

I am a joint doctoral student in Education Policy and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.  My interests are in the areas of race/ethnicity and immigration, youth and adolescence, gender, and education.  As such, my research has focused on the social lives of racial/ethnic and immigrant adolescents in the United States, cultural and social capital transfers between US adolescent friends, gender and ethnic differences in education in China, and ethnic identification in China.  Before coming to Penn, I taught algebra and geometry at a public charter school and Upward Bound in San Francisco and was co-founder of a technology start-up based in Shanghai.  I received my bachelor's degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Hannum, E., An,X., Cherng, H.Y..S. (2011). Examinations and Educational Opportunity in China: Mobility and Bottlenecks for the Rural Poor, Oxford Review of Education, 37 (2), 267-305.

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