Katie Barghaus

Area of Study: 
Quantitative Methods, Graduate School of Education
Year of Graduation: 
Research Interests: 
Measurement, early childhood education, educational entrepreneurship, and gender and education
Ed Boe
Dissertation Topic: 
The psychometric quality of the Preschool Child Observation Record: Does it pass the test for use in Head Start?
Current Position: 
Research Analyst, Penn Child Research Center

Katie Barghaus is a fifth year doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Quantitative Methods at the Graduate School of Education. Katie’s main research interests include measurement, early childhood education, educational entrepreneurship, and gender and education. Currently, she is working on an IES funded center on learning and cognition in middle school science. Prior to attending GSE, Katie spent two years as a research assistant at the National Bureau of Economic Research. There she worked on several projects including a study that explored racial differences in the mental abilities of young children, an evaluation of a reading incentives program, and a project that examined the development of the gender gap in math achievement from 1st through 5th grades. She holds a B.S. in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University.