Morgan Polikoff

Ph.D. Education Policy, Graduate School of Education, May 2010
Year of Graduation: 
Dissertation Topic: 
The content of instruction under standards-based reform
Current Position: 
Assistant Professor of K-12 Policy and Leadership, University of Southern California
  • Porter, A.C., Polikoff, M.S., Zeidner, T., & Smithson, J. (In Press) The quality of content analyses of state student achievement tests and state content standards. Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice.

  • Porter, A.C. & Polikoff, M.S.  (October 2007). NCLB:  State interpretations, early effects, and suggestions for reauthorization.  Social Policy Report, 21(4).


Porter, A.C., & Polikoff, M.S. (2007) Assessing Learning-Centered Leadership. Presented at the University of Pennsylvania IES Lecture Series, Philadelphia, PA.