Nina Hoe

Area of Study: 
Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education
Year of Graduation: 
Research Interests: 
Gap year experiences, global citizenship, international education and mathematics education
Janine Remillard
Dissertation Topic: 
An Examination of the Effects of Delaying Postsecondary Education
Current Position: 
Post-Doc, Temple University

Nina Hoe is a third-year Ph.D. student in Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education. Her research interests include gap year experiences, global citizenship, international education and mathematics education. Specifically, she is interested in the ways in which youth develop and acquire a sense of global citizenship or a globally focused identity, and the curricula, programs, and institutional initiatives that attempt to foster this. Prior to attending the University of Pennsylvania, she taught high school math in Colorado, and then math and cultural studies at an internationally traveling high school based in Oregon. She currently works on two projects focused on mathematics education, aimed to better understand problems of curricula and teacher and student experiences.


Hoe, N. D. (2011). Review of Others in Mind: Social Origins of Self Consciousness. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 42(3), 306-307.

Ebby, C., Lim, V., Reinke, L., Remillard, J., Magee, E., Hoe, N., & Cyrus, M. (2011). Community Based Mathematics Project: Conceptualizing Access Through Locally Relevant Mathematics Curricula, Penn GSE Perspectives on Urban Education, 8(2).