Archived Lectures - Spring 2009

January 26

Competition in the Public School Sector via Charter Schools

Nirav Mehta, Doctoral Student, IES Fellow, Economics Department

February 2

Propensity Score Method and Sensitivity Analysis: an Application in Evaluating Head Start Using Data from ECLS-K

Nianbo Dong, Ph.D. Candidate, Policy Research, Evaluation and Measurement, Graduate School of Education

February 9

Guidelines for Multiple Testing in Impact Evaluations

Peter Schochet, Mathematica Policy Research Inc.

February 16

Causation, Regression, and Educational Research

Richard Scheines, Professor of Philosophy, Machine Learning, and HCII, Carnegie Mellon University

February 23

Understanding Teaching Quality: An Introduction to a Large-Scale Study of Measures of Teaching Effectiveness

Drew Gitomer, Distinguished Researcher, ETS

March 16

Educational Leadership and Student Achievement: Pathways of Instructional Influence

Phil Sirinides, PhD candidate, Policy Research, Evaluation and Measurement, IES Fellow, Graduate School of Education and Jon Supovitz, Senior Researcher, CPRE and Associate Professor

March 23

The Role of a Research Interpreter: How evaluation study methods and findings are translated for various stakeholders

Lauren Scher, Partner, Concentric Research & Evaluation

March 30

The Wisconsin Scholars Longitudinal Study: Early Findings from a Large-Scale Randomized Trial of Need-Based Financial Aid

Sara Goldrick-Rab, Assistant Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

April 6

Evaluating The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs on Adolescent Decisions about Marriage and Fertility: the Case of Oportunidades

Michaela Gulemetova-Swan, Ph.D Candidate, Department of Economics

April 20

What Intelligence Tests Test: Individual Differences in Test Motivation and IQ

Angela Lee Duckworth, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

April 27

Power analysis for Cluster-Randomized Designs with Multiple Comparisons Adjustments

Ellie Harvill, Doctoral Student, Economics, IES Fellow, Drew Griffen, Doctoral Student, Economics, IES Fellow, and Nirav Mehta, Doctoral Student, Economics, IES Fellow

May 4

The Role of Information and Simplification in College Decisions: Results from the FAFSA Experiment

Bridget Long, Professor of Education and Economics, Harvard GSE