Archived Lectures - Spring 2011

January 24

Access and Quality: Ensuring Impacts of Investments in Early Education and Care

Bob Pianta, Dean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia
Videotaped Lecture

January 31

Causal Effects of Single-Sex Schools on College Attendance and College Entrance Exams: Random Assignment in Korean High Schools

Hyunjoon Park, Assistant Professor of Sociology, & Jere Behrman, Professor of Economics; Director of Population Studies Center
Videotaped Lecture

February 4

Undergraduate Learning and Post-College Outcomes: Findings from the CLA Longitudinal Project

Richard Arum, Professor of Education & Sociology, New York University
Videotaped Lecture

February 7

High School Math Curriculum, Students' Course Selection and Education Outcomes

Ellie Harvill, Ph.D. Candidate, Economics, IES Fellow
Videotaped Lecture

February 14

The National Head Start Impact Study: Results Through the End of 1st Grade

Mike Puma, Center for Education Data & Research

February 21

Aligning Learning Incentives: An Experiment in Mexican High Schools to Improve Mathematics Achievement (ALIneando Incentivos para el Aprendizaje)

Ken Wolpin, Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

February 28

Choosing to Serve: Understanding the Military Participation Decision

David Mann, Ph.D. Candidate, Economics, IES Fellow

Competition in Public School Districts: Charter School Entry, School Input Determination, and Student Sorting

Nirav Mehta, Ph.D. Candidate, Economics, IES Fellow
Videotaped Lecture

March 14

Advancing the Study of Diverse Learning Environments

 Sylvia Hurtado, Professor and Director of the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA
Videotaped Lecture

March 21

Professional Development Workshop

 Videotaped Workshop

March 28

Quality of Education, Comparability, and Assessment Choice in Developing Countries

Dan Wagner, Professor of Education and Director of the International Literacy Institute
Videotaped Lecture

April 4

Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Interventions with School Principals: The Case of Feedback and Coaching

Ellen Goldring, Professor of Education Policy and Leadership, Vanderbilt University
Videotaped Lecture

April 18

IES Fellows Projects

Eric Hochberg, Doctoral Student, Education Policy, IES fellow
Videotaped Lecture

April 25

Cost-Benefit and Cost-Effectiveness In Education: Waiting for Godot

Henry Levin, Professor of Economics and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
Videotaped Lecture