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This library is a collection of specialized resources on methodology.  To check out a book or request additional materials to be added to the library, please contact Program Associate Director at

Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence

Authors: Judith Singer and John Willett
Checked out by: Kailey Spencer

Status: renewed; available upon request

Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences, 3rd Edition

Authors: Jacob Cohen, Patricia Cohen, Stephen West and Leona Aiken
Status: On Shelf

Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language, 4th Ed.

Authors: Ronald Cody & Jeffrey Smith
Status: On Shelf

Applied Survival Analysis, Regression Modeling of Time-to-Event Data, 2nd Ed.

Authors: David W. Hosmer, Stanley Lemeshow and Susanne May
Status: On Shelf

Bayesian Data Analysis, Second Edition

Authors: Andrew Gelman, John B. Carlin, Hal S. Stern and Donald B. Rubin

Status: On Shelf

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Methods and Applications

Author: Henry Levin

Status: On Shelf

Doing Honest Work in College: How to Prepare Citations, Avoid Plagiarism, and Achieve Real Academic Success

Author: Charles Lipson

Status: On Shelf

Econometric Analysis, 5th Ed

Author: William Greene

Status: On Shelf

Fixed Effects Regression Method for Longitudinal Data Using SAS

Author: Paul Allison

Status: On Shelf

Learning More from Social Experiments: Evolving Analytic Approaches (2 copies)

Author: Howard Bloom

Status: On Shelf

The Little SAS Book: A Primer, 3rd Edition

Authors: Lora Delwiche and Susan Slaughter

Status: On Shelf

A First Course in Structural Equation Modeling, 2nd Ed

Author: Tenko Raykov & George Marcoulides

Status: On Shelf

A Guide to Econometrics, 5th Ed

Author: Peter Kennedy

Status: On Shelf

Hierarchical Linear Models: Applications and Data Analysis, 2nd Ed

Authors: Stephen Raudenbush & Anthony Bryk
Checked out: Katie Barghaus

Status: Available upon request

The Idea of a University

Author: John Henry Newman

Status: On Shelf

Identification for Prediction and Decision

Author: Charles Manski

Status: On Shelf

An Introduction to Stata Programming

Author: Christopher Baum

Status: Checked out
Namrata Tognatta

Journey From Child to Scientist: Integrating Cognitive Development and the Eudcation Sciences

Authors: Sharon Carver M., Jeff Shrager

Status: On Shelf

Kids Having Kids, 2nd Ed.

Author: Saul Hoffman & Rebecca Maynard

Status: On Shelf

Mixed Methods in Social & Behavioral Research, SAGE Handbook of

Author: Abbas Tashakkori
Checked out: Lisa Merill

Status: Available upon request

Mplus: Statistical Analysis with Latent Variales User's Guide

Authors: Linda Muthen & Bengt Muthen
Checked out: Phil Sirinides

Status: Available upon request

Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata, Volume II: Categorical Responses, Counts, and Survival

Author: Sophia Rabe-Hesketh and Anders Skrondal

Status: On Shelf

Practical Meta-Analysis

Authors: Mark Lipsey and David Wilson

Status: On Shelf

Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables Using Stata: 2nd Ed.

Authors: Scott Long and Jeremy Freese

Status: On Shelf

Research in Urban Educational Settings

Authors: Kimberly Scott & Wanda Blanchett

Status: On Shelf

SAS for Linear Models, 4th Edition

Authors: Ramon Littell, Walter Stroup, Rudolf Freund

Status: On Shelf

SAS for Mixed Models 4th Edition

Authors: Ramon Littell, George Milliken, Walter Stroup, Russell Wolfinger, Oliver Schabenberger

Status: On Shelf

SAS Functions by Example

Author: Ron Cody

Status: On Shelf

SAS Power and Sample Size Application

SAS Publishing

Status: On Shelf

So Much Reform, So Little Change (2 copies)

Author: Charles Payne

Status: On Shelf

Statistical Analysis with Missing Data, 2nd Edition

Authors: Roderick Little & Donald Rubin

Status: On Shelf

Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences: 4th Ed

Authors: Alan Agresti and Barbara Finlay

Status: On Shelf

Statistics with STATA

Author: Lawrence C. Hamilton
Checked out: Merlin Chowkwanyun

Status: Available upon request

Structural Equation Modeling with EQS: Basic Concepts, Applications and Programming, 2nd Ed.

Author: Barbara Byrne

Status: On Shelf

Testing Structural Equation Models

Authors: Kenneth Bollen & Scott Long

Status: On Shelf

A User's Guide to MLwiN, Version 2.0

Authors: Jon Rasbash, Fiona Steele, William Browne & Bob Prosser

Status: On Shelf

White Logic, White Methods: Racism and Methodology

Authors: Tukufu Zuberi and Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
Checked out: Sebastian Cherng

Status: Available upon request