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Founded in the mid-1980s, the Institute for Research on Higher Education (IRHE) is a university-wide research institute that conducts research relevant to policymakers and educational practitioners. Over the years IRHE conducted large scale projects and served a national convening function. The first director of IRHE was Robert Zemsky. From 2009 - the present, under the leadership of its new director, Joni Finney, IRHE collaborated with the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education to complete a five-state policy review, to determine the relationship between public policy and state performance in higher education.

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The Attainment Agenda
Joni Finney recently co-published The Attainment Agenda that highlights lessons for state policy leaders for improving higher education performance to enhance the economy and provide greater opportunities for individuals to enroll in and complete postsecondary education credentials. This book, based on the study of five states since the early 1990s -- Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, and Washington -- offers a framework for understanding the role of state policy to effectively promote educational attainment.  
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Financing American Higher Education in the Era of Globalization

Joni Finney recently co-published a new book on financing higher education. It was positively reviewed by the AASCU and D. Bruce Johnstone of SUNY Buffalo.

Why the Finance Model For Public Higher Education is Broken and Must be Fixed. Read More


Is the Higher Education Finance Model Broken?
Joni E. Finney, 4/10/14

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