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September 27, 2016

We Should Have Zero Tolerance for Trump’s Debate Stage Bullying, Says Penn GSE Counseling Expert


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Linda Leibowitz

“When a presidential candidate makes an accusation that the hacking of information in our country might not be the Russians, but a 400-pound person (in bed), I believe this bullying rhetoric must be addressed. Bullies don’t change without hard work and counseling. Donald Trump’s history of verbal insults and attacks on a variety of people (women, Muslims, the disabled and more) demand that he be held accountable for his insulting words and how it will reflect on the millions of school-age students that school counselors are working hard to protect.

"Bullying has been a huge barrier to the academic and social/emotional growth of many of my students over the years. There should be zero tolerance for bullying and cyberbullying in the schools, and there are laws regarding this behavior.”

- Mental Health Expert Linda Lucker Leibowitz


• Leibowitz is the Associate Director of Penn GSE’s Executive Program in School and Mental Health Counseling.

• She has 35 years of experience as a school counselor in the School District of Philadelphia.

• At the district, she initiated innovative programs to help students faced with the crisis of “split” families, whether caused by separation, divorce, immigration, foster care, incarceration, or death.