The Center For School Study Councils: For our Members

Each of the four Study Councils meets monthly.  For two of those meetings, the four Study Councils come together for the “Joint Study Councils Meeting.”

Study Council staff creates a set of notes for each meeting.  In addition, the Joint Study Councils Meetings are video-recorded.  The videos and the meeting notes are available by request to members.

Joint Councils Meetings

Mario Moussa, Ph.D., MBA
Collaboraion and Culture:
How to Get Things Done With and Through Others
April 24, 2017
Video Presentation

Mark Angel
The Science of Innovation:
What Public  Education Leaders Can Learn from Silicon Valley's "Lean Learning"
October 11, 2016
Video Presentation

 Reb Rebele
Building Strong Cultures of Productive Collaboration:
Working Together for Better Schools
April 19, 2016
Video Presentation

Colonel (retired) Charles D. Allen
Strategic Thinking for Leaders: 
Lessons from the Military for Senior Leadership and Managing Change
October 21, 2015
Video Presentation

Bena Kallick , Ph.D. 
Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind:
16 Essential Characteristics for Success 
October 15, 2014 
Video Presentation

C. Richard Shell, Ph.D. 
Rethinking and Launching Your Personal Search for Success
April 2, 2014 
Video Presentation

Katherine Prince, KnowledgeWorks
Recombinant Education – Regenerating the Learning Ecosystem:
Digging Deeply into the Future of Teaching and Learning
October 8, 2013
Video Presentation

Peter Gronn, Ph.D.
The Educational Leader's New Work: Understanding & Dealing with It's "Greedy" Nature 
October 16, 2012 
Video Presentation

Michael Useem, Ph.D.
The Leader's Checklist
April 25, 2012
Video Presentation 

Yong Zhao, Ph.D.
Catching Up or Leading the Way: Reimagining American Education in the Evolving Global Context
October 12, 2011
Video Presentation 

Michael Baime, M.D.
Mindfulness Education for Leaders: Tools for Maintaining Professional and Personal Balance
April 27, 2010
Video Presentation

Daniel Greenberg, Ph.D.
Growing Up in a World Transformed
October 20, 2009
Video Presentation Part 1
Video Presentation Part 2 
Video Presentation Part 3

John J. DiIulio Jr., Ph.D.
Creating Public Value: Leadership and Management Challenges and Opportunities
April 15, 2009
Video Presentation

Russell Ackoff, Ph.D.
Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track
October 21, 2008
Video Presentation

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Center for School Study Councils
University of Pennsylvania
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