Instructional Coaching:

The focus of The Penn Literacy Network instructional coaching program is to provide in-class support of best literacy practices across the curriculum through observations, discussions and/or collaborative teaching. This includes classroom planning and debriefing sessions with teachers, classroom visits, collaborative teaching opportunities and curriculum problem solving with individuals or small groups of teachers. The PLN coach visits 4-5 classrooms a day with one to three teachers in attendance at a time.  The teacher whose classroom is visited sets the focus for the observation/follow up conference. For example, s/he might want the coach to observe and give feedback about how special needs learners are accommodated during the lesson.

Other options:

Facilitate departmental and/or grade level discussions focused on building consistency of practice, developing areas of instructional emphasis focused on the PLN frameworks of The Five Reading Writing Talking Processes and The Four Lenses of Learning.

Meet with local instructional coaches to refine and enhance instructional support, problem-solve areas of concern, and provide support as needed to enhance best practice in the classroom. 

Meet with school leadership to further their implementation of PLN for School Leaders by providing guidance and support. 

Meet with parents or parent educators to extend a district's/school's implementation of PLN's family literacy and numeracy program(s).


Leadership Coaching:

PLN leadership coaches provide regular on-site support for the implementation, development, extension, and sustainability of the PLN frameworks (The Four Lenses of Learning and The Five Reading Writing Talking Processes.) PLN coaches collaborate with school leaders and leadership teams to assist them in articulating an action plan that integrates literacy and learning across all content areas PreK-12. 

PLN Leadership coaches act as catalysts for reflective practice by modeling the Before During After approach in support of the entire school community. 

During site visits, PLN leadership coaches might do the following:

•    Meet with the leadership team to review the status of the literacy action plan

•    Follow up with teachers participating in PLN coursework

•    Participate in non-evaluative “walk-throughs”

•    Review/analyze data with school personnel

•    Interact with instructional coaches

•    Dialogue with the building principal, assistant principals, and central office staff

•    Assist with the design/planning of literacy-related professional development sessions

•    Promote the facilitation of literacy study groups for teachers, coaches, and administrators

•    Facilitate professional learning activities for administrators, school leaders, and central office staff

•    Provide resources for staff that contribute to their understanding of and commitment to the use of  

     literacy as a vehicle for increased student achievement.