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Faculty Experts

Penn GSE faculty members are some of the most knowledgeable and innovative experts on education in the world.

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Vivian L. Gadsden

William T. Carter Professor of Child Development and Education

Director, National Center on Fathers and Families

Associate Director, National Center on Adult Literacy

Reading/Writing/Literacy Division
Literacy and at-risk youth, Fathers and families, Intergenerational learning, Parental engagement

Helen M. Garinger


Associate Director of Counselor Training

Applied Psychology - Human Development Division
Bullying and identity development, Using the arts as an intervention for students at-risk, Emotional and social issues of the gifted

Marybeth Gasman


Higher Education Division
Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Serving Institutions, Diversity and Higher Education Division, African-American educational leadership, Fundraising and philanthropy

Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher

Senior Lecturer and Associate Director, International Educational Development Program

Education Culture and Society Division
Immigrants and schooling, Citizenship and trans/nationalism, Curriculum and pedagogy in international contexts, Literacy and development, Educational development discourse

Joan F. Goodman


Education Culture and Society Division
Early childhood, Moral education, School discipline and authority

Kathleen D. Hall

Associate Professor of Education and Anthropology Director, South Asia Center

Education Culture and Society Division
Immigration, race relations, and education, Citizenship, cultural politics, and national incorporation, Class, socialization and social stratification, Social theory, Ethnographic research

Shaun R. Harper

Associate Professor

Director, Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education

Higher Education Division
Race in Higher Education Division, Black male college access and achievement, Men and masculinities, College environments, student outcomes, and engagement

J. Matthew Hartley

Associate Professor

Chair, Higher Education

Higher Education Division
Academic governance in Higher Education Division, Institutional mission, Civic engagement and the democratic purposes of Higher Education Division

Nancy H. Hornberger


Chair, Educational Linguistics

Convenor, Ethnography in Education Research Forum

Educational Linguistics Division
Educational Linguistics Division and sociolinguistics, Educational ethnography and anthropology, Bilingualism and biliteracy, Multilingualism and language Education Policy Division

Richard M. Ingersoll

Professor of Education and Sociology

Education Policy Division
School management, organization and accountability, Teacher supply, demand and quality, Teaching as a profession, Sociology of education, Sociology of organizations, occupations and work/organizational theory, Educational policy