The dedicated teachers that participate in SPARK! come from a wide variety of backgrounds in terms of their areas of expertise and education. In order to support the teachers’ readiness to deliver the goals of SPARK! within the anchoring themes of inquiry and engineering design, a series of professional development sessions is being implemented. This comprises fifteen hours spread over four sessions starting from December, 2007 and culminating in June, 2008. Some of the distinguishing features of the professional development include co-construction of themes by participants and instructors, hands-on experiences, and ongoing opportunities for reflection and revision of current practices.

As such the instructors and teachers have collectively identified some themes for the professional development sessions. These include the following:

  • Concept of inquiry and its implementation in classrooms
  • Synthesizing engineering design into K-8 curricula
  • 21st-century learning skills
  • Connections between in-school and out-of school learning
  • Creating assessment measures for hands-on activities
  • The above themes are being presented to participating teachers through a combination of theoretical understanding and practical experiences.

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