In addition to the four programmatic goals, the SPARK! team is conducting research in six strands each investigating a specific aspect of the project. Data collection and analysis is underway for the following study questions:

Study #1:
What are the cognitive and social processes that enable creativity and innovation around STEM content to emerge and how are these best supported and enhanced through program design?
Study #2:
What do concept maps reveal of student understanding about the nature of engineering design?
Study #3:
What confluence of variables and their relative importance, contribute to the success of OST and IST combined programs?
Study #4:
What is the nature of parental involvement in OST programs?
Study #5:
How are teacher’s identities transformed as a result of the professional development opportunities afforded by the project?
Study #6:
What aspects of culture and/or diversity contribute to successful participation in the program as well as the pursuit of future STEM education and careers?
Study #7:
What is the nature and impact of STEM mentorship in promoting STEM opportunities/careers among underrepresented students?

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