Notification and Scheduling of Final Defense of Dissertation

At least TWO WEEKS prior to the hearing date, you and your committee will be notified by email of the room location. Notice of hearing will be posted on 2nd floor bulletin board, the GSE events calendar at

***Please Note: Final Defense hearings are not normally held during the summer. Candidates who wish to hold the final defense during the summer must register and be billed for Dissertation Supervision (EDUC 995) for the summer session in which the final defense is held.

Upon submission, this request will be sent to the Assistant Dean and Student Records Office. You will receive an e-mail response from the Student Records Office.

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Dissertation Committee Information

Please provide the names of the members of your Dissertation Committee below. If there is an external member in your committee, please enter their email address in the last box below.

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Dissertation Information and Scheduling


Committee Chair Approval

In the field below, please attach a PDF of the email containing approval by the Committee Chair certifying that you, the candidate are ready to hold a final defense hearing. (REQUIRED)