Graduation FAQs

If I applied to graduate, why do I need to RSVP?

Students must apply to graduate to be eligible for the conferral of their degree and issuance of their diploma. Students who wish to participate in the May commencement ceremony must also RSVP. These are two separate and distinct steps:

  1. Your application to graduate is required in order to have your degree conferred and diploma printed. Your degree will not be conferred if you don’t apply to graduate by the deadline in the GSE academic calendar.
  2. If you applied to graduate by March 24th, we will email you a link to RSVP to march in the GSE ceremony. Your RSVP tells us that you and your guests will come to the GSE ceremony on May 13th. Please note: If your faculty hooder is not listed on the RSVP page, please contact Imani Harvin. 
  • May grads must apply for May graduation by March 24th, and then RSVP for the ceremony no later than April 28th.

Bookmark where there are links to  "Apply to graduate" and "Commencement." Please check these pages for all the most current information; we frequently update them.


What about my diploma?

 Diplomas are mailed by the University via First Class mail and will be sent to the permanent address listed in Penn-in-Touch, unless a different address is specified in the “Temporary Address Field” effective from June 1 – July 15.   Addresses should be updated in Penn-in-Touch no later than June 1. International diplomas can take up to eight weeks for delivery. To arrange for expedited mailing or to pick up the diploma, contact the Diploma Coordinator by June 1.  Please click here for more information.


What happens to my GSE email account?

Your Penn GSE email addresses is available for at least six months after graduation (but possibly longer depending on the cycle). GSE's IT staff will send out notifications a few months in advance of starting any account deletion process.

As a Penn alum, you are eligible for an Alumni account and forwarding address (not an email account). Thus, your current email account can be forwarded to an email account of your choosing. For example, your PennGSE emails can be forwarded to your personal GMAIL account after graduation. You can sign up for an Alumni account here.  


August 2018 Grads:

Can I march in the GSE spring commencement ceremony if I will graduate in August? 
Students who will receive their degrees in August may participate in the May ceremony if they:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, AND
  • Have completed 8 course units of a 10 course unit program, 9 units of an 11 unit program, or 10 units of a 12 unit program, OR
  • Passed the comprehensive examination, thesis, or portfolio.