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Understanding the International Horse Race

November 17, 2008 - Analysts typically bemoan the performance of American kids when it comes to international comparisons of academic achievement.

Experts – everyone from the National Science Foundation, the National Mathematical Society, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the U.S. Congress, and the national media – claim that American students have fallen far behind their international peers. And if that trend continues, we are warned, the U.S. may soon lose its competitive edge.

Catastrophe, Education, and Hope

September 10, 2008 - Professional Development in Aceh After the Tsunami

"Before the tsunami, there were 17 classes with 40 children in each class," explains Kathy Schultz, "and afterwards, eight classes with about 20 children."

Take a Deep Breath

September 10, 2008 - Head Start teacher Janet Luckey was struggling to open a thick envelope of classroom materials one morning. Her students, ages 3 to 5, knew just what to do. "Don't get frustrated, Mrs. Luckey," they advised. "Go get some scissors."

Luckey laughs, remembering. Coping with frustration was one of the behavioral skills she'd been teaching her preschoolers as part of GSE's innovative EPIC program. Now her students were teaching her.

Leaders Needed

September 10, 2008 - Building a New Kind of Leadership in Philadelphia Public Schools

"The days of the principal as the lone instructional leader are over," says John DeFlaminis, executive director of the Penn Center for Educational Leadership. "We no longer believe that one administrator can serve as the only instructional leader for an entire school without the substantial participation of other educators."

Who Are These Guys?

September 10, 2008 - It all depends on who you ask.

Pelon (the tall guy with the glasses) and Cricket are two of the “Homies” created by LA artist David Gonzales, based on characters that he observed in his neighborhood. Homies represent social types typically found in places with a longstanding Latino presence, and each comes with a life story. Pelon, for instance, is “basically a hustler,” Gonzales explains “…always selling hot merchandise.” But Cricket is more nerd than gangster.

The Road Back to Teaching

Septeber 10, 2008 - "Non-traditional" Students are the Norm in GSE / TFA Partnership

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