Preparing teachers, educational leaders, entrepreneurs, and researchers, the TLL programs address practice-based and theoretical problems in schools and community settings related to teaching and learning, learning sciences and technologies, curriculae, informal learning, and educational leadership.


Taking an interdisciplinary stance, faculty and students explore issues of teaching, learning, equity, entrepreneurship, and educational change in a range of formal and informal educational settings. Our programs attach significance to the building of knowledge from experiences as educators. Students learn not only from a rigorous program of study, but also from actively participating in a community of learners that includes practicing and prospective teachers. Our programs are designed to enable students to enjoy personalized courses of study in a small, community-oriented cohort of well-focused students.

Members of our community focus on areas that include teaching and learning; research and practice in teacher education; mathematics and science education; learning sciences and technologies; ongoing transformation of public and non-public educational organizations; dynamics and politics of leadership change; entrepreneurship in education; and instructional, organizational, public, and evidenced-based leadership.

Our faculty study teaching, learning, curriculum, and leadership in a variety of contexts, pursue robust research projects, and maintain ties to schools and institutions in Philadelphia and beyond. Their work connects closely to GSE’s broader focus on education and commitment to equitable access to education across social strata.

Degree Programs

Master's Programs

Learning Sciences and Technologies (M.S.Ed.)
More about this ProgramThe one-year Learning Sciences and Technologies (LST) program is designed for students interested in advanced exploration of the interdisciplinary connections between the most contemporary issues in computer-based learning environments, design issues, and educational concerns. Focusing on the intersection of collaboration, creativity, complexity, and computation, the program values rigorous academic exploration that goes beyond analysis to propose contemporary solutions.

Teacher Education Program (M.S.Ed., Elementary & Secondary Certification, Undergraduate minor)
More about this ProgramIn the urban-focused Teacher Ed Program at Penn GSE, prospective teachers learn to negotiate the realities of urban contexts, bringing their content expertise and pedagogical knowledge to their teaching. Our prospective teachers leave our program inspired to use the power of teaching to deepen student learning, transform schools, and increase educational equity.

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (M.S.Ed.)
More about this ProgramThe one-year M.S.Ed. program in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (TLL) is designed for individuals who wish to work in educational and leadership capacities, and it focuses on work outside of formal classroom settings. Students choose one of two areas of specialization: Teaching and Learning, or Educational Leadership, and they primarily focus on K-12 populations. Through the program, students gain broad professional capacities that correspond to contemporary sites of learning.

Executive Format Programs

Education Entrepreneurship (M.S.Ed.)
More about this ProgramThe M.S.Ed. in Education Entrepreneurship is an accelerated four-semester program, built to provide working professionals with the skills and experiencesnecessary to conceptualize, develop, and manage effective 21st-century innovations in education. Designed at the intersection of education, business, and entrepreneurship, graduates of this unique program leave with the tools necessary to chart entrepreneurial solutions in education, including creating new schools or other education ventures in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Penn Residency Master's in Teaching (M.S.Ed.)
More about this Program The Penn Residency Master's in Teaching Program is a groundbreaking collaboration between the Penn Graduate School of Education and a consortium of the nation’s leading boarding schools. With an innovative and comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for the boarding schools’ unique setting, the program provides aspiring teachers an opportunity to receive a master’s degree in education in concert with the exceptional fellowship programs offered by each school. The flexible format is also designed to accommodate the rigorous schedule of the fellows and their host schools: brief, intensive on-site sessions that will rotate between the Penn campus and the campus of each boarding school, paired with innovative and collaborative distance learning.

School Leadership (M.S.Ed., Principal Certification)
More about this ProgramThis executive-format program develops K-12 educators’ leadership skills. An optional track prepares students for principal certification.

Virtual Online Teaching Program (Certificate)
More about this Program Penn GSE’s certificate in virtual online teaching (VOLT) will develop instructors grounded in educational theory who are expert in their content areas and also adept at harnessing technology to design and implement curricula. Instructors will be prepared to teach in online and blended environments. VOLT is intended as a complement to traditional teacher-education programs and is appropriate for both pre- and in-service educators teaching across the P-20 spectrum. This program will provide rich, hands-on experiences with educational technology in order to integrate this new knowledge with expertise developed in a traditional teacher education program or through classroom experience.

Doctoral Programs

Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)
More about this ProgramThe Educational Leadership Program prepares its students to become instructional leaders in public and non-public schools, state agencies, and new entrepreneurial ventures. Students gain a deep understanding of the context of American education from anthropological, historical, and sociological perspectives and about the central elements of instructional, organizational, public, and evidenced-based leadership.

Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education (Ph.D. and Ed.D.)
TL&TE Ph.D.TL&TE Ed.D.The Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education program prepares students to serve as researchers and teacher educators in universities and colleges, curriculum developers and evaluators in educational agencies, curriculum specialists in school districts and state departments of education, and instructional leaders and classroom teachers in K-12 schools. Students in this program choose to pursue a Ph.D. degree or an Ed.D. degree.

TLL News

  • Dean Pam Grossman receives Edward C. Pomeroy Award from AACTE

    The Edward C. Pomeroy Award recognizes outstanding contributions to teacher education, either through distinguished service to the teacher education community or through the development and promotion of outstanding practices in teacher education at the collegiate, state, or national level. Grossman’s research delves into topics at the forefront of the current education policy discourse, including the changing landscape of teacher education and how best to prepare teachers for complex practice.

  • Steinberg and Quinn Say the School District of Philadelphia is Doing More With Less

    A new report by Assistant Professors Matthew Steinberg and Rand Quinn found that the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) does more, per pupil, with its current resources than its closest counterparts in terms of student poverty and achievement.

  • Abby Reisman awarded prestigious NAEd/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

    Dr Reisman’s study explores the effects of practice-based professional development and coaching on teacher facilitation of whole-class text-based discussion in history. The Postdoctoral Fellowship is a highly competitive program that funds proposals that make significant scholarly contributions to the field of education.

  • Gregory and EJ Milken Foundation awards $40K in Faculty Research Grants

    Professors Sigal Ben-Porath and Rand Quinn—of the Education, Culture, and Society and Teaching, Learning, and Leadership programs respectively—will explore the impact of civic opportunities for high school students in Philadelphia. Policy expert Jonathan Supovitz will examine a potentially game-changing new model of school leadership.

  • Dr. Sharon Ravitch and Nicole C. Mittenfelner Carl, a doctoral candidate in the TLL division, publish book on qualitative methods

    The book, titled Qualitative Research: Bridging the Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological, attempts to help students critically engage with the issues surrounding qualitative research by providing real-life examples of issues surrounding the authors’ and their students’ own research in a way that humanizes the qualitative research endeavor.

  • GSE students take part in maker movement through Makerstudio

    In Imagining 21st Century Gifts, GSE students sew, circuit, and code, exploring the education potential of the “maker movement.” Concurrent with seminar discussions, students use materials such as circuit stickers, conductive thread, and fabric with computational construction kits such as LillyPad Arduino, Makey Makey and Scratch. Their blog posts record progress, successes, and challenges as makers.

  • Internships in informal learning environments hallmark of TLL program

    Master’s students in the TLL division complete a yearlong internship in informal learning environments in the greater Philadelphia area. Through blogging, students share their experiences, reflect on their professional development, and put the theories they are learning in class into practice. Explore the wide variety of sites hosting our students this academic year on the internship page.


Standing Faculty

Pam Grossman, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Education

Stanford University

Yasmin Kafai, Ed.D., Professor of Education, Fall 2015 Division Chair

Harvard University

Rand Quinn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education

Stanford University

Abby Reisman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Stanford University

Janine Remillard, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education

Michigan State University

Jonathan Supovitz, Ed.D., Professor of Education

Harvard University

Susan Yoon, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, Spring 2016 Division Chair

University of Toronto




Additional Program Faculty and Post-Docs

Veronica E. Aplenc, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Pennsylvania

Earl Ball, Ed.D., Co-Director, School Leadership Program

University of Pennsylvania

NancyLee Bergey, M.S., Instructor

University of Pennsylvania

Caroline Brayer Ebby, Ph.D., Lecturer

University of Pennsylvania

Priscilla Dawson, Ed.D., Co-Director, School Leadership Program

University of Pennsylvania

John DeFlaminis, Ph.D., Executive Director, PCEL

University of Oregon

Kate Kinney Grossman, M.A. Instructor

Teachers College, Columbia University

Michael Johanek, Ed.D., Senior Fellow

Columbia University

Breanne Litts, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Eleni Miltsakaki, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Pennsylvania

Nancy Peter, Ed.D., Instructor

University of Pennsylvania

Sharon Ravitch, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

University of Pennsylvania

Frances Rust, Ed.D., Senior Fellow

Teachers College, Columbia University

Harris Sokoloff, Ph.D. Director, Center for School Study Councils

Syracuse University

"I knew I wanted to be a public school teacher, and I knew that I would be happier in a project-based, inquiry-based environment to really engage kids. I felt that Penn could get me there, and it did."

Brad Latimer, M.S.Ed.


"I knew the Teacher Education Program [at Penn GSE] would provide that background as well as specialization in my subject areas. I also knew that I wanted to work in Philadelphia, so it made sense to come back and study in the city where I hoped to find employment. Penn clearly had the best and most intensive program in Philly."

Larissa Pahomov, M.S.Ed.


Where are our students now?

Our programs are designed to prepare students for research and academic careers in education, psychology, and related human services fields.

Recent Ed.D. and Ph.D. graduates have obtained positions such as:

  • Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Innovation at NYU's Stern School of Business (Scott Stimpfel, Ed.D., Educational Leadership)
  • Assistant Professor, College of Education, Rowan University (Kathryn McGinn, Ph.D., Teaching, Learning and Curriculum)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Education and Counseling, Villanova University (Christa Bialka, Ed.D., Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education)

Recent M.S.Ed. graduates have obtained positions such as:

  • Digital Marketing/Web Coordinator, National MS Society (Alison Perch, M.S.Ed., Learning Sciences and Technologies)
  • Lead teacher, 5th grade English Language Arts KIPP Austin Vista (Parinaz Manteghi, M.S.Ed., Teaching, Learning and Leadership)
  • Coordinator for Teacher Effectiveness Strategy, Office of Human Capital, Washington DC Public Schools, Washington DC (Gillian Page, ’13)


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