M.S.Ed. in Education Entrepreneurship

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You are invited to join the Penn Graduate School of Education’s newest degree program, the M.S.Ed. in Education Entrepreneurship. This interdisciplinary Ivy League program provides students with the unique skills and experience necessary to conceptualize, develop, and manage effective 21st-century innovations in education. Designed at the intersection of education, business, and entrepreneurship, the program combines Penn’s rigorous academic study with practical coursework – giving you the tools necessary to chart entrepreneurial solutions in education.

Fast Facts


  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's Degree
  • Entry Terms: Summer only
  • Course Requirements: 10 CU's including a Capstone Project with Practicum
  • Typical Course Load in Executive Format: 
    • 2-3 CU's per Semester
    • 4 Semester Accelerated Program
  • Culminating Experience: Capstone Project


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The four semester M.S.Ed. in Education Entrepreneurship is aimed at working professionals, and is designed to bring together students from diverse educational backgrounds and professional experiences. 

It is delivered as an executive style program, using in-depth modules, nontraditional scheduling, and some blended distance education to accommodate working adults. Students attend multiple on-site intensive sessions at the University of Pennsylvania over the course of the program and complete synchronous and asynchronous online work between these sessions. All students complete core courses within each of the three domains as well as a capstone project and practicum. Graduates of the program leave not only with a more robust entrepreneurial mindset, but also with concrete skills that will prepare you to undertake new ventures in your chosen area of interest including creating new schools or other education ventures.

A Community of Education Entrepreneurs

As a national leader in education research and preparing educational leaders, Penn GSE is continually on the forefront of impactful innovation. From the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition, to the Education Design Studio Inc., we are committed to advancing innovation in education and preparing the next generation of creative leaders. Join our community of education entrepreneurs, and study alongside the nation's finest minds and boldest innovators.

Program of Study

Core Requirements

Students in the M.S.Ed. in Education Entrepreneurship program will acquire a strong grounding in three domains: Foundations of Education, Business Essentials, and Entrepreneurial Management of Knowledge. Within the education domain, students will learn about the connections between policy and pedagogy, as well as the history, structure and goals of schooling. The business domain will focus on marketing, finance, and management as they pertain to venture creation – in general and to schools in particular. The entrepreneurial management of knowledge domain will provide students with an understanding of how to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities in for- and not-for-profit arenas and develop them into viable businesses and schools as well as to move research into practice. The combination and integration of all three domains will offer students a comprehensive perspective on innovative ventures in education and position them to create or join such ventures.

  • Domain #1: Foundations of Education (FE)

    In this domain, students study current education systems and policies, as well as the history of how these systems and policies evolved. Students also learn about the history, theory and application of various pedagogies and modes of school organization, as well as how they affect and are affected by government policy and public pressures. Students also study the changing landscape of delivery systems in urban public education.

  • Domain #2: Business Essentials (BE)

    In this domain, students learn about marketing, finance, and management as they pertain to venture creation both in general and to schools and educational settings in particular. This domain provides students with core business skills and experiences that they can use to become entrepreneurs in education and to navigate the business aspects of school creation and administration. The program includes three core business courses.

  • Domain #3: Entrepreneurial Management of Knowledge (EMK)

    In this domain, students learn about how entrepreneurs can influence the creation, advancement and successful exploitation of knowledge. How are entrepreneurial insights achieved and developed? How is technology profitably managed and intellectual property rights protected? How do entrepreneurs learn about potential customer segments and meet potential customer needs? How can academic research be effectively connected to practice to improve the viability and impact of products and services?

Business-oriented skills include expertise in business model design, product and service design methodology, marketing strategy, fundraising, best practices in private and public financing, and hiring and talent development. Education-related skills include the ability to navigate the P-20 education policy context, including the ability to identify and gain access to key decision-makers as well as to beta sites and potential consumers, and knowledge of the history and goals of educational institutions. Students also gain expertise in curriculum design and assessment, budget development, and organizational change management. Entrepreneurial skills include expertise in design-thinking, rapid validation methodology, and the application of academic research to enhance product development.

By teaching the key elements of education, business, and entrepreneurship, the program gives entrepreneurs the capacity to successfully create new social impact ventures, including the creation and building of new schools and the development of effective products, services and practices in education.


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Dr. Jenny Zapf
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