Create change in education through innovation

Education Entrepreneurship & Innovation is ideal for those who want to:

  • Develop, test, & scale entrepreneurial solutions in education
  • Foster a culture of organizational creativity and innovation
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and tool kit


Education Entrepreneurship & Innovation, an immersive week-long bootcamp, brings critical lessons from Penn GSE’s groundbreaking work in education innovation to cities around the globe. These sessions, paired with online modules, bring together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and practitioners, to create leading-edge solutions in education. The certificate provides the critical knowledge, skills, and tools needed to seed, accelerate, and scale entrepreneurial practice in education. The courses address the following topics:

  • Module 1: Mapping the Global Innovation Landscape in Education
  • Module 2: Inspiring an Organizational Culture of Innovation
  • Module 3: Activating Entrepreneurial Leadership and Mindsets
  • Module 4: Creating an Innovative Program, Product, Service or Company
  • Module 5: Learning Science Tools and Methods
  • Module 6: Unleashing the Power of Journey Stories

This program is for education industry leaders, school leadership teams, entrepreneurs in education, researchers and investors, or anyone who interested in creating lasting change in formal or informal education through innovation. The certificate will personalize lessons for individuals and teams and help them address real-world problems in areas such as navigating the education investment landscape and finding a product-market fit.

Modules will be taught using Penn lean startup curriculum, design thinking, and project-based learning. Students will also learn how to create innovative assessments, entrepreneurial mindset profiles, outcome pathway models, stakeholder market maps, driver diagrams, and research-to-practice blueprints.

Faculty, Partners, & Instructors

Led by renowned Penn instructors and industry experts, the program blends expertise, research, and practice from the Schools of Education, Business, Design, and Engineering. In addition, our global network of industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs share their journey stories.

Jenny Zapf, Penn GSE
Director, Education Entrepreneurship Program
Maria Spies, Penn GSE
Faculty Partner, Co-Founder HolonIQ, Global Education Intelligence
Serrano Legrand, Penn GSE
MAT, Instructor, Researcher & Global Program Coordinator


In Spring 2020, certificate programs will be offered in Beijing, Delhi, Dubai, and Mumbai. For details, including dates and cost, email

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