Tuition Net Price Calculator

This tool will help you determine the total cost of tuition and fees for traditional, full-time masters degree programs at Penn GSE. Tuition and fees for executive and non-traditional masters, Ed.D. and Ph.D. programs are listed separately here. GSE bills you per class, called a Course Unit, and your overall price is determined by the number of Course Units in your program. To calculate the overall net price, select your program of interest and enter any known scholarships, assistantships, employer benefits, or other expected financial resources into the calculator to see an estimate of how much you will need to finance via federal or private loans. Any amount of loans you borrow in excess of your billed expenses will be refunded to you for living expenses.

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Net Price

The net price is the appropriate financial benchmark to use when comparing offers because federal loans are standard products with terms and conditions that will not vary between graduate schools. Terms and conditions are set by the federal government and will not vary between schools. US citizens and permanent residents may apply for Direct Loan and Direct GradPLUS loans to finance the entire net price of their degree.


This calculator is not a determination or award of financial aid and provides an estimate for informational purposes only.

* These prices reflect the combined tuition and general fees for the 2018-19 academic year. The rates listed are effective summer 2018 through spring 2019. All tuition and fees are subject to the approval of the Trustees and the University of Pennsylvania and are subject to change without notice.
*** Full time students are charged a $293 clinical fee per semester not included in the calculator.
1 If you are unsure whether you will need 11 or 12 CUs, please contact the RWL program directly to determine number of CUs required.