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GSE and Perelman Launch Med Ed Program

September 6, 2012 - Penn GSE and the Perelman School of Medicine have partnered to launch the innovative new Med Ed program, an executive master's program designed to train physicians and other health care professionals in educational practice and pedagogy. The program welcomed its first cohort of students in August.
MedEdLogo“There is a growing awareness that physicians need to become better teachers,” says program director Allison Ballantine. “This is a time of tremendous change in healthcare. A huge piece of this is about learning to do things more safely, humanistically, and in a cost-efficient manner. For this, we need good teachers.”

Med Ed is designed to develop those good teachers. By supplementing the existing medical expertise of its students with knowledge of educational strategies and techniques, the program ultimately improves the delivery of medical training.

In addition to receiving a Master of Education degree, students can earn certificates in Education and Technology, Educational Research and Evaluation, or Educational Leadership. Courses are co-taught by faculty from GSE and Perelman, and the interdisciplinary curriculum equips students with the tools and skills necessary to become leaders in the field of medical education.

Med Ed is one of several non-traditional Penn GSE programs that extends the reach of education beyond the traditional classroom and addresses the need for ongoing professional learning. GSE’s other executive-style programs include:


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