Past Forum Themes and Speakers

Thirty-third Forum, 2012

“Digital Discourses: Education and Ethnography in the 21st Century”
Angela Reyes, John Jackson, Linda Christensen, Glynda Hull

Thirty-second Forum, 2011

“Immigration and Migration: Ethnography in Education in Dynamic Times and Spaces”
Stacey J. Lee, Jan Blommaert, Gerald Campano, Norma González

Thirty-first Forum, 2010

“Creativity, Crisis and Qualitative Research: Re-imagining Education in a Changing World”
Doug Foley, Bonny Norton, Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Susan Lytle, H. Samy Alim

Thirtieth Forum, 2009

"Ethnography for Social Justice in Education"
Shirley Brice Heath, Kris Gutiérrez, Margaret Himley, Patricia Carini, Brian Street

Twenty-ninth Forum, 2008

"Going Public with Ethnography"
Carol D. Lee, Hugh Mehan, Lucille McCarthy, Stephen Fishman, Frederick Erickson, Jeffrey Shultz

Twenty-eighth Forum, 2007

"Ethnography and Education in Trying Times"
Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Frederick Erickson, Gloria Ladson-Billings, Susan Lytle

Twenty-seventh Forum, 2006

"Educators and Ethnographers Negotiating Ideological and Implementational Spaces"
Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, Carole Edelsky, Antonia Candela, Jan Nespor, Elsie Rockwell

Twenty-sixth Forum, 2005

"Educators Responding to Local and Global Crises"
Pauline Lipman, Linda Christensen, Neville Alexander, Carole Bloch

Twenty-fifth Forum, 2004

"Ethnography as Scientifically-based Research: Implications for Educational Policy and Practice"
Michael Agar, Cindy Ballenger, Frederick Erickson, Perry Gilmore

Twenty-fourth Forum, 2003

"Reform, Representation and Social Responsibility"
Jay Lemke, Novella Keith, Monica Heller, Marilyn Martin-Jones

Twenty-third Forum, 2002

"Dialogue across time, space and perspective"
Luis Moll, Sonia Nieto, Stephen Gordon, Junia Yearwood, Kris Gutierrez, Ray McDermott

Twenty-second Forum, 2001

"Situating Literacies and Learning"
Jean Lave, Dixie Goswami, David Barton, Brian Street

Twenty-first Forum, 2000

"Broadening and Deepening Our Ethnographic Scope"
Concha Delgado-Gaitan, Susan Noffke, Teresa McCarty, Galena Dick

Twentieth Forum, 1999

"A Generation of Ethnography in Schools"
Margaret Eisenhart, Susan Lytle, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Jacqueline Jones Royster, Dell Hymes, David Smith, Fredrick Erickson

Nineteenth Forum, 1998

(no theme)
Geneva Gay, George Spindler

Eighteenth Forum, 1997

(no theme)
Shirley Brice Heath, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, and Susan Lytle

Seventeenth Forum, 1996

(no theme)
Edward Hall, Karen Gallas

Sixteenth Forum, 1995

(no theme)
Suzanne Carothers, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Susan Lytle, Vivian Gadsden

Fourteenth Forum, 1993

(no theme)
Patti Lather, Susan Lytle, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Hugh Mehan

Thirteenth Forum, 1992

(no theme)
Regina Sirota, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Susan Lytle, Frederick Erickson

Twelfth Forum, 1991

(no theme)
Gloria Ladson Billings, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Susan Lytle

Eleventh Forum, 1990

(no theme)
Henry Trueba, Denny Taylor, Michelle Fine

Tenth Forum, 1989

(no official theme, but many sessions about play)
Clem Adelman, Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Susan Lytle

Ninth Forum, 1988

(no theme)
Laura Nader, Lisa Delpit

Eighth Forum, 1987

"Alternatives in Approaching Ethnography,
Stanley Aronowitz, Peggy Sanday, David Smith, Dell Hymes, Ray McDermott, Clifford Hill

Seventh Forum, 1986

(no theme)
Sondra Perl, Susan Florio-Ruane, Roger Shuy, John Szwed

Third Forum, 1982

(no theme)
Ray McDermott, Judith Green, David Smith, Harry Wolcott