Plan for Diversity Excellence and Action

At Penn GSE, diversity means a climate that welcomes scholars, administrators and students with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, life experiences, and research directions, who serve and learn from diverse communities in Philadelphia, the nation, and the world with a concern for social justice. We situate our definition within the University of Pennsylvania’s Action Plan for Faculty Diversity and Excellence, which asserts that diversity is integral to learning.

In the vision of our founder, Benjamin Franklin, the diversity of our university must reflect the diversity of the world around it — and the diversity of the world that we want our students to lead. Diversity thereby informs our mission to prepare the students who will be the guardians and innovators of the future.

The University is committed to “building a more diverse faculty, whose composition reflects the pool of exceptional, qualified applicants nationally in all fields” and “creating a more inclusive campus community, where all feel welcomed, supported, and have equal access to networks for mentoring and research.” Accordingly, the Penn GSE Diversity Excellence and Action Plan focuses on two goals: increasing faculty diversity and developing inclusive communities on campus. These goals are interactive and synergistic — growth in one supports growth in the other. Because these goals are essential to GSE’s mission, they will guide us in establishing faculty development priorities over the next five to ten years, leading to the recruitment, retention, and productivity of diverse scholars.

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