Home to three of Penn GSE’s longest-standing programs, our Educational Linguistics (ELX) Division has an established national and international reputation of excellence with an interdisciplinary focus on language learning and teaching, as well as the role of language in learning and teaching.


Penn GSE’s Educational Linguistics division (ELX) is a pioneer in the field. One of the first two educational linguistics programs in the world—and one of only two in the Ivy League—Penn GSE’s Educational Linguistics division (ELX) is home to internationally known scholars including Yuko ButlerNelson FloresNancy Hornberger, and Betsy Rymes, and the ELX division continues to promote excellence as it prepares the next generation of researcher/educators. 


Home to three of Penn GSE’s longest-standing programs, the ELX Division has an established national and international reputation of excellence with its interdisciplinary focus on language learning and teaching, and the role of language in learning and teaching. The Division’s extraordinary interdisciplinary reach is enhanced by students’ access to other Schools at Penn, including the School of Arts and Sciences, the Annenberg School for Communication, the School of Social Policy and Practice, and the Law School. 

Faculty and students in the Ph.D. specialization in Educational Linguistics (EdLx) and the Master’s specializations in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Intercultural Communication (ICC) are involved as practitioners and researchers in and out of educational settings, locally and around the world, on topics such as: bilingualism, biliteracy, and bilingual education; critical language awareness; educational and social consequences of linguistic diversity and super-diversity at community and national levels; heritage and Indigenous language teaching and learning; intercultural communication; local and global perspectives on English language teaching policy and practice; mass media and schooling; and multilingual language planning and policy.

As schools, universities, and workplaces in the U.S. and around the world are increasingly populated by youth and adults with diverse linguistic backgrounds and myriad digital and script literacies, it is crucial that Penn GSE’s graduates be able to address the needs of these new educational and work environments and be adequately prepared to confront the challenges posed by the changing educational linguistic scene. Faculty and students in our three specializations engage in research, teaching and outreach at the cutting edge of their fields.

Degree Programs

Educational Linguistics (Ph.D.)
More about this ProgramThe Educational Linguistics Ph.D. specialization focuses on language learning and teaching, and the role of language in learning and teaching. Our questions and concerns are situated squarely in educational policy and practice, informing and informed by interdisciplinary theory and research in linguistics, anthropology, psychology, sociology, history, and other fields.

Educational Linguistics (Ed.D.)
More about this ProgramThe Ed.D. degree prepares graduates to engage with and direct new and ongoing initiatives related to language education. Ed.D. candidates will develop the theoretical foundation and technical expertise necessary to pursue positions as leaders of world language programs in colleges and universities.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (M.S.Ed.)
More about this ProgramThe M.S.Ed. specialization in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) focuses on practical and theoretical aspects of the field. The TESOL Master’s specialization is classroom-oriented and stresses understanding of the role and function of English language teaching as it relates to the political and social climate of today’s world. A strong interest in intercultural communication and in the interaction of social behavior and language form a dynamic backdrop to innovative and fundamental aspects of teacher preparation.

Intercultural Communication (M.S.Ed.)
More about this ProgramThe M.S.Ed. specialization in Intercultural Communication (ICC) provides a solid foundation in linguistic and discursive approaches to the exploration of issues that arise in communication between cultural groups (including linguistic, social, racial, ethnic, national, gender, and other groupings). The core courses examine linguistic and social practices (or ways of speaking) occurring in face-to-face interaction, the cultural expectations and ideologies that inform these practices, and the cultural dynamics and processes impacting communication between groups (such as power or identity).

ELX News

  • TESOL Alumna selected as teaching ambassador with the U.S. Department of state

    Hannah Brenneman (2015) was selected by the U.S. Department of State as a 2017-2018 Fellow in the prestigious English Language Fellow Program. Hannah served as an English language teaching ambassador in Mexico for 10 months. Read more about how Hannah put her TESOL degree to use, here.

  • Educational linguistics Faculty Blogs

    Nelson Flores, ELX Assistant Professor, writes about the connections between educational linguistics and education reform at The Educational Linguist. Betsy Rymes, ELX Professor, explores the way people talk about their own language use at Citizen Sociolinguistics.


    Invited by the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, ELX Senior Lecturer, Santoi Wagner, served on a team of English language educators that developed social media-based teacher training tools. Dr. Wagner and her colleagues presented their work at the 2017 TESOL International Convention. 


    TESOL alumna Anne Pyzocha (2017) taught local immigrants and refugees English at HIAS PA, a nonprofit organization in Center City, Philadelphia during her TESOL coursework. 

  • elx partnership with moder patshala

    Dr. Anne Pomerantz's students from EDUC 545: Language Teaching and Literacy Development in Multilingual Contexts, as well as students from EDUC 676: Discursive Approaches in ICC, work with students at Moder Patshala, a local Bangladeshi-American community organization, to develop their language and creative writing skills.

  • In a Penn GSE class, students and professors swap roles for half the semester

    In the ELX course “Cross-Cultural Awareness, students learn about racial and social class divisions in a small-group setting.  Read the full article in The Daily Pennsylvanian here.

  • Dr. Nelson Flores Wins AERA Award 

    ELX Assistant Professor, Nelson Flores, was awarded the 2017 AERA Early Career Award in Bilingual Education Research. 

  • icc alumna leads the penn museum's intercultural classroom

    Ms. Hitomi Yoshida, the Penn Museum's Diversity Programs Manager, was featured by the Penn GSE Magazine. Read her profile to learn about how she brings ICC values such as critical thinking and intercultural dialogue to her current work.

  • Dr. Diane Larsen-Freeman Honored in New Textbook

    In tribute of her decades of scholarship, a new book focusing on second language development has been published: Complexity Theory and Language Development, In celebration of Diane Larsen-Freeman.

  • ELX alumna wins AERA Outstanding Dissertation Award in Bilingual Education Research

    ELX PhD alumna, Dr. Sofía Chaparro, who graduated in May 2017, was one of the first-place winners of the Outstanding Dissertation Award from American Educational Research Association(AERA) Bilingual Education Research Special Interest Group (SIG) with her excellent work, "Language and the Gentrifying City: An Ethnographic Study of a Two-way Immersion Program in an Urban Public School"Dr. Nelson Flores and Dr. Besty Rymes co-chaired her dissertation committee. 

  • Dr. Nancy hornberger awarded honorary doctorate by umeå University in sweden

    Since 2012, Dr. Hornberger has served as Visiting Professor to Umeå University's Department of Language Studies, consulting and collaborating in the development of Sámi language teaching, teacher education, and research in support of Sámi Indigenous language revitalization.  Her dedication was acknowledged with the honorary doctorate at Umeå University's 2018 Annual Celebration. 

  • Dr. nelson flores: how monolingual teachers can support bilingual students

    In an October 2018 airing of Philadelphia's WHYY Radio Times, Dr. Flores shares his expertise on bilingual education. Read more here, or listen to the full broadcast here

  • Dr. Betsy Rymes: Duke’s Chinese Email Firestorm Shows Us what Social Change Looks Like

    Betsy Rymes, PhD, comments on how online debates over a Duke professor's discriminatory email disrupted a racist feedback loop that has served to reinforce U.S. monolingualism.  See the full post here on Anthropology News.

  • ELX alumnus Named Bicentennial Professor at Indiana University

    Dr. Serafin-Coronel Molina, Associate Professor of Literacy, Culture and Language Education in the School of Education at Indiana University, Bloomington, was one 25 professors state-wide name Bicentennial Professor by Indiana University.

  • Dr. Nancy H. Hornberger: Recipient of the 2019 Charles A. Ferguson Award for Outstanding Scholarship

    Nancy H. Hornberger, PhD, was awarded the Charles A. Ferguson Award for Outstanding Scholarship for her work bilingualism and bilteracy, ethnography and language policy, and Indigenous language revitalization.


    ELX alumnus Dr. Coleman Donaldson, who is currently doing a post-doc at University of Hamburg, has been working on a Manding language video series project titled: "Na baro kè".  The subtitled street-side chats are in Manding with everyday people in West Africa. They are primarily for learners and speakers of the language but also highlight the voices of the local people and places through an African language.  To view/listen, click here and here.

  • Dr. Nelson Flores: Leveling the playing field in dual-language programs

    Writing for EdWeek’s “10 Big Ideas in Education” report, Nelson Flores, PhD, explains that inequitable participation in dual language programs contributes to a hierarchy between racialized and elite bilingualism, creating challenges for schools and school leaders. Read more here.


    In her newest book, Second Language Development: Ever Expanding, Dr. Larsen-Freeman explores new ways of examining and teaching English as a Second Language.  

  • ICC Student book review published in the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

    Current ICC Student, Nina Cross ’19, discusses Pains and gains of ethnic multilingual learners in China: an ethnographic case study by Berlin Ge Wang and Springer New York in a recently published review.  To read the it, click here.

  • ELX Doctoral candidate awarded 2019 NAEd/spencer Dissertation fellowship

    Current ELX Doctoral Candidate, Aldo Anzures Tapia, is one of four students from GSE to be awarded the 2019 National Academy of Education/Spencer Dissertation Fellowship.  His dissertation is The Promise of Language Planning in Indigenous Early Childhood Education in Mexico and focuses on the role of ethnographic research in the implementation of language policies within Indigenous contexts.

  • TESOL Alumna awarded 2019 penn global citizenship award

    Fang-Hsuan (Macy) Chang '19 was awarded the Penn Global Citizenship Award.  This award is presented each year to a graduating international student who has best exemplified a spirit of global citizenship during their time at Penn.

  • TESOL ALUMNus AWARDED 2019 helen C. Bailey Award 

    Seafin M. Coronel-Molina '07 was awarded the 2019 Helen C. Bailey Award during the annual Celebration of Educators hosted by Penn GSE.  This award is presented by the Penn GSE Education Alumni Association and recognizes an outstanding graduate who has brought recognition and status to Penn GSE and the University, and who has made distinctive and impactful contributions to the field of education and through research, exceptional professional involvement, publications, or innovation.

  • TESOL ALUMNa AWARDED 2019 PENN GSE Early Career Award of Merit

    Jaime L. Hunger '12 was awarded the 2019 Penn GSE Early Career Award of Merit during the annual Celebration of Educators hosted by Penn GSE.  This award is presented by the Penn GSE Education Alumni Association and recognizes a graduate whose work sets an inspirational example for future alumni of Penn GSE through demonstrated impact, energy, and enthusiasm in a field of endeavor prior to the 10th reunion year.

Community Impact

ELX in Philadelphia

Community engagement and service-learning are integral components of the ICC M.S.Ed. and TESOL M.S.Ed. specializations at Penn GSE. Service-learning allows students to bridge the theoretical concepts they are learning in their coursework with practical skills and experiences gained outside of the classroom. Our interactive map showcases the different teaching and fieldwork sites that our students engage with in Philadelphia. To learn more about our work in the community, contact Jackie Lopez, our Fieldwork and Service-Learning Coordinator, at jlope@upenn.edu.

To view a map of Penn GSE’s work in School District of Philadelphia and charter schools, visit http://www2.gse.upenn.edu/philly

View the Map


Betsy Rymes, Ph.D. Professor; Division Chair & ICC Director

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Catherine Box, Ed.D. Lecturer

Columbia University

Yuko Butler, Ph.D.  Professor; TESOL Director

Stanford University

Nelson Flores, Ph.D. Associate Professor

The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

Nancy H. Hornberger, Ph.D. Professor; Educational Linguistics PhD Director

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Iryna Kozlova, Ph.D. Lecturer

Georgia State University

Yumi Matsumoto, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

The Pennsylvania State University

Robert Moore, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer

University of Chicago

Anne Pomerantz, Ph.D. Professor of Practice; Educational Linguistics EdD Director

University of Pennsylvania

Santoi Wagner, Ed.D. Senior Lecturer; TESOL Associate Director

Columbia University


Affiliated Faculty

Asif Agha, Ph.D. Penn Arts & Sciences, Department of Anthropology

University of Chicago

Christina Frei, Ph.D. Penn Arts & Sciences, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

University of California, Davis

“One of my favorite things about the TESOL program at Penn GSE is that it combines theory and fieldwork. A lot of programs that I looked at offered only the theoretical foundations of TESOL, without giving students a chance to put that theory to work in the classroom. My teaching experiences at Penn GSE have given me more confidence, preparing me for when I return to China to teach English. Last year I taught a class in which students spoke nine different languages—that was an amazing opportunity to hone my teaching skills.”

Lu Shu

TESOL Graduate, May 2014


Where are our students now?

  • The Education Linguistics Ph.D. program prepares students for careers in teaching and research careers in colleges and universities worldwide, as well as in government, community, and private organizations.
  • The Intercultural Communication M.S.Ed. program prepares students for careers in international student advising, educational/cultural exchange, refugee/resettlement program development and administration, and other social service fields.
  • The TESOL M.S.Ed. program prepares students for careers in teaching in a variety of local, national, and international settings.

Recent ELX Ph.D. graduates hold positions such as:

  • Assistant Professor of Comparative Humanities, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY (2012)
  • Director, English Language Institute, Arcadia University (2004)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana-Champaign, IL (2015)

Recent ICC M.S.Ed. graduates hold positions such as:

  • Adult Education Coordinator, Lutheran Children & Family Services, Philadelphia, PA (2010)
  • Deputy Head of Admissions Counseling, The Edge Learning Center, Hong Kong, China (2012)
  • Education Abroad Program Coordinator, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA (2015)

Recent TESOL M.S.Ed. graduates hold positions such as:

  • English Instructor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, South Korea (2008)
  • Mandarin Teacher, Academy of Notre Dame, Villanova, PA (2015)
  • Education Consultant, ThinkTank Learning, San Mateo, CA (2014)
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