About the Forum

In a world that has rapidly grown more economically, socially, and politically interconnected, interdependent, and “flat,” the skills that young people need to be able to compete and to help solve the world’s problems have become very different skills than the ones schools often are currently teaching.

The Global Education Forum serves as an opportunity to engage in critical conversations between K–12 and higher education educators about how best to prepare students for a global world. Attracting educators from around the world to discuss innovative practices, promising programs and research, the Global Education Forum highlights the importance of learning with and from different education systems to help inform our own practice.

Through a series of interactive formats, participants explore how to prepare students to be globally competent, review trends and promising practices in teacher and leadership development, and develop strategies for teaching and assessing critical 21st century skills.

The Penn GSE Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership is a founding partner of the Global Education Forum.


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