Some of Our Current ISHD M.S.Ed. Students

Name: Anne H. L. Coleman
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Previous Education: B.A. in Theatre, Swarthmore College (2010)
Academic/Research Interests:  I am working towards an M.S.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development, with particular interest in cognitive development, empathy, and empathy interventions. My current research is influenced by two key studies: Vezzali et al., “The greatest magic of Harry Potter: Reducing prejudice" (2014) and the Kidd and Castano study, “Reading literary fiction improves theory of mind” (2013). In response to these studies, my research interests include studying the current handling of literature with anti-bias themes in U.S. schools, developing metrics for assessing the short- and long-term impact of literature with anti-bias themes presented in a classroom setting, and better understanding the potential impact of literature on prejudice at different developmental stages.
Long Term Goals: Using fiction study in classrooms to advance anti-bias and anti-bullying initiatives, with particular attention to combatting the alienation effect of technology; Helping educators to implement initiatives and respond to the latest studies in human development. Having worked as a high school English and theater teacher for seven years prior to coming to Penn GSE, my research and studies always return to questions of how researchers can better assist educators with the implementation of their discoveries. Ultimately, my goal is always to help adolescents to better navigate their own learning and their presence in the inter-connected global community.

Name: Kaleb Germinaro
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Previous Education: B.S. in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, University of Pennsylvania (2017)
Academic/Research Interests:  Empathetic development in children; curricula that develops children’s empathy skills, particularly around appreciating nature and developing a sense of compassion about conservation and the organisms within our many environments.
Long Term Goals: I would love to teach and conduct research at the university level having to do with empathy and social-emotional development and learning in children. Also, being able to consult on educational projects at zoos, museums, and other informal learning environments in order to engage students in using empathetic and social-emotional learning frameworks would be a privilege.

Name: Sage LeAnn Rush
Hometown: Perkasie, PA
Previous Education: B.A. in Neuroscience/Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College (2015)
Academic/Research Interests:  Education policy reform & psychology.
Long Term Goals: Implementing restorative practices in schools as an alternative to current harsh, punitive disciplines (e.g., suspensions, expulsions) and promoting positive and healthy school communities. Along with that, I am hoping to pursue a Ph.D. to collect data illustrating the positive and lasting effects of implementing alternative “disciplinary” approaches, such as restorative practices, in schools.

Name: Megan Stutesman
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Previous Education: B.S. in Psychology, B.A. in Dance, University of Washington (2015)
Academic/Research Interests:  I am interested in research that looks at the impact of mind-body connection on healthy development and educational potential. Other interests include advocacy and research to support quality early childhood education and geriatric well-being.
Long Term Goals: After my master’s I would like to pursue a Ph.D. and continue research. Eventually I would like to design research-based intervention strategies and curriculum to better promote healthy development, education, and well-being. 

Name: Laura Bradley
Hometown: Eagle River, WI
Previous Education: B.A. in Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Madison (2010)
Academic/Research Interests:  Child development, play-based learning, parent and teacher education, educational products and materials.
Long Term Goals: I hope to work with children, families, and teachers in a school or community based setting to ensure the best early learning environment for young children. I also have interest in working in the development of toys and educational tools that focus on developmental milestones in early childhood. 

Name: Misha Carthen
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Previous Education: B.A. in Psychology and English, Certificate in Civic Leadership, Rice University (2017)
Academic/Research Interests:  Advocacy through the lens of education for refugee youth, race socialization within the family, accessibility of higher education for these youth groups, and community empowerment through education and youth nurturing.
Long Term Goals: Coordinator of refugee resettlement and family/youth programs, long-term investment in nonprofit work with these communities at the forefront, university work empowering these youth from late adolescence into adulthood. 

Name: Mengxiang He
Hometown: Hangzhou/Bengbu, China
Previous Education: B.S. in Applied Psychology, Shanghai Normal University (2015)
Academic/Research Interests:  Child development in different social contexts and cultural backgrounds, parenting style, individual differences.
Long Term Goals: My goal in the near future is to pursue a higher degree after finishing the master’s program. I hope my future work could help to better understand children’s developmental trajectory as well as release children’s developmental potential in my country. 

Name: Ka Hee Kim
Hometown: South Korea
Previous Education: B.A. in Psychology, State University of New York (2016)
Academic/Research Interest: Developmental psychology focused on children living in poverty.
Long Term Goals: To become a developmental psychologist who can support disadvantaged and marginalized children, especially those who are less likely to receive quality education. Moreover, I am interested in helping women, especially Comfort women (girls forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II) who had lost their rights as a human as well as a woman. Thus, I am working on my personal project for supporting and fundraising for Comfort women so they can get back their lost human dignity.

Amanda HaberName: Amanda Haber
Hometown: Rye Brook, NY
Previous Education: B.S. in Early Childhood Education (Psychology minor), Boston University (2016); Massachusetts Initial Educator License in Early Childhood Education in Students Pre-K-2 With and Without Disabilities (2016)
Academic/Research Interests:  I am a currently working towards a M.S.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development (ISHD). My research interests focus on how childrens’ early learning is shaped by their social context, with a strong commitment to developing practical classroom applications. More specifically, I am interested in exploring how childrens’ understanding of teaching, learning, and their own abilities relates to how they learn from various sources of information.
Long Term Goals: After obtaining my master’s degree in ISHD at Penn GSE, I plan to get a Ph.D. in Human Development. My goal is to work as a professor in academia, as well as continuing to do research that will promote school readiness for all children.

Name: Martha Yumiseva
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Previous Education: B.A. in Clinical Psychology (2012) & B.A. in Education (2013), Universidad San Francisco de Quito.
Academic/Professional Interest: Center my research in cognitive development/neuroscience and early childhood education with specific focus on Latin-American contexts in the U.S.
Long Term Goals: I am interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in the close future and foster research related to cognitive development in my home country of Ecuador.

Hsin-hua LinName: Hsin-hua Lin
Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan
Previous Education: Educational psychology & counseling, National Taiwan Normal University, 2013
Academic/Professional Interest: Early Childhood Education
Long Term Goals: Research in intervention program for disadvantaged populations and promotion of equity in education opportunity.


Xin Li (Anna)Name: Xin Li (Anna)
Hometown: Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China
Previous Education: English, concentration on Ethnic and Cultural Studies, University of Delaware (2016)
Academic/Professional Interest: Childrens’ and adolescents' socioemotional development, prevention and intervention programs for at-risk children, psychological development of Chinese left-behind children.
Long Term Goals: Working in a NGO or getting a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology or Counseling.

Ying NiName: Ying Ni
Hometown: Fuzhou, China/New Jersey
Previous Education: Master of Human Resources Management, Rutgers-New Brunswick, 2013; Bachelor of Sociology, Communication University of China, 2011
Academic/Professional Interest: My research interests include coping strategies, health management, potential development, and impact of artificial intelligence on human development.
Long Term Goals: Become an expert in a particular area in the education/health industry and to launch a program or an organization to help fulfill human's potentials.

Noelle SuntheimerName: Noelle Suntheimer
Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida
Previous Education: B.S. in Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2013
Academic/Professional Interest: I am interested in exploring the intersections of culture, context, and human development, and my research interests include: racial and gender socialization within the family and academic contexts, as well as sibling relationships and youth development in low-income families.
Long Term Goals: Upon graduation, I plan to apply to Ph.D. programs. The long-term and overarching goals of my work include identifying ways to best support marginalized and oppressed children and adolescents using a culturally sensitive and feminist lens, and I hope to highlight the strengths and resilience of those affected by these issues.

Name: Nicole Lloyd
Hometown: Cypress, Texas
Previous Education: B.A. in Psychology, Baylor University
Academic/Professional Interest: Social and emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness in schools, civic education, moral psychology, psychology of religion, and education in low-socioeconomic status (SES) communities. 
Long Term Goals: To become involved with SEL curriculum development and implementation in low-SES communities at either the non-profit or governmental level.

Name: Ke Xu
Hometown: Anhui Province, China
Previous Education: B.S. in Psychology, South China Normal University, 2014
Academic/Professional Interest: Child development and family studies.
Long Term Goals: My long term goals is to be a child development expert and do everything related to children. GSE helps me to read lots of book and classic research about children and it provided me an awesome experience to observe children in the classroom. It was a fantastic experience to work with children. Also, the student government provides me several opportunities to know each other and experience American culture.