Awards & Honors

Kate Kinney Grossman has been granted with $182,368 by the Philadelphia School Partnership for incubation of specialized coursework and fieldwork that supports pre-service teachers in the Urban Teaching Apprenticeship Program to enact Project Based Learning and/or use Design Thinking approaches in their classrooms. 
(Posted 9/4/2018)

Jonathan Supovitz, with the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), has received a $155,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to conduct a distributed leadership project. The project will identify the research and evidence base for distributed leadership; develop a framework to guide practitioners; and identify tools, resources, and technical assistance providers. 
(Posted 7/17/2018)

Marybeth Gasman, with the Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions (CMSI), has received a $182,000 grant from the ECMC Foundation for the MSI Aspiring Leaders program. With this program, CMSI brings together prominent leaders of Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) to engage with mid-career aspiring leaders from the education, non-profit, and business sectors in an effort to prepare the next generation of MSI presidents. 
(Posted 7/9/2018)

Matthew Hartley and Alan Ruby, with Penn GSE’s Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy, have received a $131,000 grant from the Qatar Foundation to support their research examining conceptions of institutional excellence at colleges and universities. The work will involve developing detailed case studies of approximately a dozen institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.  
(Posted 7/9/2018)

Marybeth Gasman has won the Carlos J. Vallejo Memorial Award for Lifetime Scholarship from AERA’s Multicultural/Multiethnic Education SIG 
(Posted 3/22/2018)

Susan Yoon has been honored by the American Educational Research Association and the American Educational Research Journal as an Outstanding Reviewer. 
(Posted 3/20/2018)

Ryan Fink
Ryan Fink was awarded $114,508 by Research For Action for a collaborative project with the Philadelphia Education Research Consortium (PERC), “Scan of Early Literacy Practices in Philadelphia’s Charter Schools.” This is a sub-award from a grant PERC received from the William Penn Foundation. The project plans to interview charter school personnel familiar with their school’s approach to early literacy to understand the practices and approaches being implemented across charter schools in the city in order to identify opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, as well as to highlight opportunities for future funding to support the implementation of strong early literacy practices. 
(Posted 2/28/2018)

John Fantuzzo, Katie Barghaus, and the team at the Penn Child Research Center have been awarded a grant from the William Penn Foundation for $268,400. The grant titled “Building an evidence-based, sustainable, family-teacher engagement intervention to support kindergartners' classroom engagement competencies," aims to enhance home-school partnership to promote young children's engagement skills. 
(Posted 2/14/2018)

Sharon Wolf was recently selected as one of the 11 global fellows of the 2018•2020 Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program aimed at improving the learning, development, and living conditions of children and youth. Dr. Wolf will spend her fellowship period advancing scientific knowledge and forming new insights about early childhood development, early childhood education, and family well-being in West Africa. 
(Posted 2/7/2018)

Ryan Baker was awarded a $470,000 grant from American Institute for Research (Institute of Education Sciences) for the project “Identifying Malleable Factors in Blended Learning Environments Using Automated Detectors of Engagement.” The project aims to use data mining and machine learning methods to explore the relationship between effective and behavioral engagement with measures of student learning within an online adaptive mathematics learning system. 
(Posted 1/24/2018)