How to avoid these burnout traps

December 10, 2020
Kandi Wiens teaching a class.

As demands and stress piles up, workers in almost every sector are on the edge of burnout.

Kandi Wiens, a senior fellow in Penn GSE’s Chief Learning Officer program and a co-director of the Medical Education program, writes in Harvard Business Review that workers can help themselves by identifying and avoiding self-sabotage traps.

“I’ve learned three important things from my clients,” Wiens writes. “We are all triggered by stressors differently, our perceptions of stressors vary, and how we react to stress is also strikingly dissimilar. In other words, some people appear to be resistant to burnout. And for the many who are at risk of falling into what I call self-sabotage traps, there are behaviors that can help us dig ourselves out.”

While organizations and team leaders still have a responsibility to examine their cultures and reduce the causes of burnout, Wiens says these tools can help individuals be more resilient.

Learn about these self-sabotage traps in the full piece here.

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