A conversation with Howard Stevenson

November 29, 2017

When he started working with children, Penn GSE’s Howard Stevenson, a clinical psychologist, would move his therapy sessions out of the office and onto the basketball court.

“The young people would often talk more during the games. It ended up being part of a model that I used later on,” Stevenson recently told the Penn Current. 

“Physical activity is a health benefit, but it also helps in terms of disclosure of personal information. It’s harder to screen your feelings when you’re moving. And it’s fun. Trying to straight talk to a child in a room without some kind of stimulation can be hard sometimes.”

In a wide-ranging conversation, Stevenson discussed growing up in Delaware, the connections between psychology and theology, helping schools deal with racists incidents, and what’s next for his Racial Empowerment Collaborative.

Read the full Current Q&A here.


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