Diane E. Eynon

Senior Fellow

Director of the Executive Doctorate in Higher Education Management

Senior Scholar, Penn AHEAD

Higher Education Division

Higher education in developing countries and economies; global trends and issues in higher education; gender and higher education; gender and economic development and growth

Diane Eynon knows there is a big world out there. For over 25 years, Dr. Eynon has worked in international education and business here in the United States as well as countries including Brazil, Singapore, China, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She is also an expert on the intersections between gender, higher education and economic development. Dr. Eynon focuses on international partnerships and projects that strengthen research and institutional capacity and facilitate joint research and networking. Dr. Eynon is currently working, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, on the establishment of a Graduate School of Education at Nazarbayev University (NU) in Kazakhstan.