Penn GSE In the Media

Washington Monthly | October 25, 2016
Richard Ingersoll talks about the difficulty of closing the gap between the numbers of minority students and minority teachers. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | October 24, 2016
"That's precisely what our free-speech debate needs right now: more fuss from the faculty. Free speech should be an academic question, not an administrative one. The real question is whether we'll step up to answer it," says Jonathan Zimmerman.
The Chronicle of Higher Education | October 23, 2016
Marybeth Gasman's widely discussed The Hechinger Report article on why universities don't hire more faculty of color is mentioned in this piece on diversifying the faculty. 
The Washington Post | October 21, 2016
Joan Goodman writes about no-excuses charter schools' promotion of joyous learning and offers reservations to the idea of educators artificially manufacturing emotional states in students. 
Forbes | October 20, 2016
Bobbi Kurshan shares what features teachers and district officials most often seek when choosing digital content to use in the classroom.
CNN | October 19, 2016
Jonathan Zimmerman says that the Trump candidacy has played a large role in triggering prejudiced episodes in public schools. "It's made lots of people and their kids feel more free to express certain bigoted ideas." 
University World News | October 18, 2016
Alan Ruby discusses the effects globalization and political volatility have on postsecondary institutions. 
Metro | October 17, 2016
Rand Quinn offers insights on the nature of the debate on charter schools versus public schools. 
AlterNet | October 12, 2016
"Teaching has always been a poorly paid profession, particularly considering its educational requirements and responsibilities. Part of the reason for the lower pay is that at the dawn of the modern public-school system, teaching was considered 'women’s work,' and thus the second income in families," according to Richard Ingersoll. 
The Washington Post | October 11, 2016
Marybeth Gasman writes about the reactions she received by people who read her essay from The Washington Post regarding why universities don't hire faculty of color.  
The Washington Post | October 8, 2016
Donald Trump's comments about women are dominating the news this weekend. But Shaun Harper writes in the Washington Post that this is a much bigger problem than Trump. 
The Associated Press | October 6, 2016
Parents, teachers and counselors alike need to talk with children of all ages about the kind of weight bullying happening in the Trump campaign, says Linda Lucker Leibowitz.  
EdCircuit | October 3, 2016
"I believe it is critically the role of the librarians to train students with the skill to say, 'Okay, let's look at what makes the information good information'," says Eleni Miltsakaki. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | October 2, 2016
Jonathan Zimmerman pens an op-ed about having conversations about Islam in the classroom. 
Washington Post | October 2, 2016
Shaun Harper comments on a school’s reaction to a student’s depiction of racism in America. 
Inside Higher Ed | September 29, 2016
Peter Eckel describes the wrong questions that institutional boards often ask themselves, as well as those they should ask but frequently don't.
USA Today | September 28, 2016
“If this can happen at the level of preschool, perhaps it could happen at other levels as well," said Howard Stevenson, commenting on a new study that implicit racial bias begins in preschool. 
The Associated Press | September 27, 2016
Citing Joni Finney's recent report that found that investment in merit aid is outpacing need-based aid, this AP piece discusses the reasons why colleges and universities are increasing merit aid to attract students from wealthier backgrounds. 
The 74 | September 20, 2016
Matthew Steinberg's new Chicago study found teacher evaluation reform could improve the overall quality of teachers. 
The Hechinger Report | September 20, 2016
Marybeth Gasman shares her thoughts on the reasons why more faculty of color are not being hired by colleges. 
The Hechinger Report | September 14, 2016
Richard Ingersoll is quoted about teacher retention and minority teacher recruitment. 
Chronicle of Higher Education | September 11, 2016
Jonathan Zimmerman writes that colleges should advise students to limit their digital technology use in the classrooms and dorms. 
The Hechinger Report | August 30, 2016
Joni Finney's College Affordability Diagnosis  is cited in this article on Southern universities and colleges disproportionate loss of funding and students. 
Education Week | August 24, 2016
Shaun Harper comments on the effects on Black and Latino 11th graders of statewide mandatory ACT testing. 
Time Magazine | August 24, 2016
This article by Time cites Shaun Harper's report that examined disciplinary action in 13 states, finding that black students are suspended and expelled at much higher rates than their percentage of the student population. 
Slate | August 8, 2016
In this podcast, Nelson Flores says Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine's fluency in Spanish appeals more to white liberals than Latino voters. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer | August 8, 2016
Yasmin Kafai will help design an educational version of the Microbial Design Studio, a new genetic engineering machine, for high schools and community colleges. 
The Atlantic | August 4, 2016
Nelson Flores says bilingual education, once opposed in America's recent past, is "now... framed as something that's good for all children—something that can help people get jobs as part of the global economy."
Washington Post | August 4, 2016
Pam Grossman discusses educational disruption's potential consequences for children, and offered ideas for research-supported reform in education.
Philadelphia Inquirer | July 29, 2016
Finney said Clinton needs to get state support for college affordability proposal.