Penn GSE In the Media

Slate | August 8, 2016
In this podcast, Nelson Flores says Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine's fluency in Spanish appeals more to white liberals than Latino voters. 
The Philadelphia Inquirer | August 8, 2016
Yasmin Kafai will help design an educational version of the Microbial Design Studio, a new genetic engineering machine, for high schools and community colleges. 
The Atlantic | August 4, 2016
Nelson Flores says bilingual education, once opposed in America's recent past, is "now... framed as something that's good for all children—something that can help people get jobs as part of the global economy."
Washington Post | August 4, 2016
Pam Grossman discusses educational disruption's potential consequences for children, and offered ideas for research-supported reform in education.
Philadelphia Inquirer | July 29, 2016
Finney said Clinton needs to get state support for college affordability proposal.
The Journal Standard | July 27, 2016
Jonathan Supovitz explains the reasons why Common Core's future is looking more and more uncertain. 
PBS NewsHour | July 26, 2016
"I think...both Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton understood this is a movement to be taken seriously," says Shaun Harper in a video report. 
Philadelphia Inquirer | July 24, 2016
"You can call Philadelphia and they'll say they've had shortages all year," says Richard Ingersoll, "[b]ut call up Lower Merion and they'll say they have a waiting list three miles long."
Times Higher Education | July 21, 2016
“They came; they conquered very little; and now they face substantially diminished prospects,” says Bob Zemsky. 
The New York Times | July 16, 2016
Joni E. Finney, the director of the Institute for Research on Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania, said Mrs. Clinton’s plan could make a meaningful dent in an important problem.  
The New York Times | July 8, 2016
Joni Finney cited on cost of college in analysis of Clinton's higher education policy proposal.  
Connecticut Post | July 6, 2016
According to Joni Finney's College Affordability Diagnosis, it’s almost impossible to work one’s way through state college without incurring debt.
Chronicle of Higher Education | July 3, 2016
In this Q&A, Marybeth Gasman discusses her book, Educating a Diverse Nation: Lessons From Minority-Serving Institutions.  
Connecticut Post | June 26, 2016
An analysis of Connecticut's ranking in Joni Finney's College Affordability Diagnosis report. 
University World News | June 21, 2016
Penn AHEAD's Alan Ruby comments on the Brexit vote's potential impact on higher education in the UK.  
Inside Higher Ed | June 20, 2016
At AAUP, Shaun Harper decided to crowdsource inspiration for his keynote on faculty members' role and responsibilities regarding classroom conversations about race.
Diverse Issues | June 19, 2016
"Money alone is not enough," says Laura Perna, commenting on college promise scholarship programs.  
Philadelphia Inquirer | June 10, 2016
In this op-ed, Torch Lytle asks: What are the implications of charter-school growth for the city?
Inside Higher Ed | June 9, 2016
The Stanford University sexual assault case raises crucial issues about gender, class and race, writes Marybeth Gasman.
Philadelphia Tribune | May 31, 2016
Penn GSE will be involved in providing counseling and social work services for the center as part of the Penn Futures Project.  
Chronicle of Higher Education | May 24, 2016
Shaun Harper comments on takeaways from the past year of campus activism.  
Chronicle of Higher Education | May 18, 2016
Marybeth Gasman comments on the potential ramafications of changes to North Carolina's higher education system.  
US News & World Report | May 17, 2016
"Employers need to have a much larger view" of the types of engineering programs they support and recruit from, says Marybeth Gasman.
Times Higher Education | May 13, 2016
In this op-ed, Matthew Hartley ponders how prestigious (and pricey) colleges can justify their course costs.
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram | May 9, 2016
“Students are starting to see that some of the assurances made to them [by university administrators] are not real,” says Shaun Harper.
High Ground Memphis | May 6, 2016
This feature cites Shaun Harper's study on the black male graduation gap for college student-athletes.  
Chronicle of Higher Education | May 1, 2016
Shaun Harper comments on some unintended consequences of pushing all students toward college.  
Christian Science Monitor | April 29, 2016
New reports from IRHE and Penn AHEAD are cited in this article on the cost of college.  
Times Higher Education | April 27, 2016
Laura Perna says the President's plan signals that "the jobs being created in the US economy now largely require some college education. Not necessarily a degree from a four-year institution. But definitely more than a high school diploma."
Washington Post | April 27, 2016
In response to her new study, Joni Finney comments on college affordability in Maryland and Virginia.