Penn GSE In the Media

Chronicle of Higher Education | May 1, 2016
Shaun Harper comments on some unintended consequences of pushing all students toward college.  
Christian Science Monitor | April 29, 2016
New reports from IRHE and Penn AHEAD are cited in this article on the cost of college.  
Washington Post | April 27, 2016
In response to her new study, Joni Finney comments on college affordability in Maryland and Virginia.  
Times Higher Education | April 27, 2016
Laura Perna says the President's plan signals that "the jobs being created in the US economy now largely require some college education. Not necessarily a degree from a four-year institution. But definitely more than a high school diploma."
Hechinger Report | April 25, 2016
According to Richard Ingersoll, shortages are more about the failure to retain veteran teachers.   
The Atlantic | April 25, 2016
Resource constraints and structural failures often limit the choices of students from lower-income families to the local or online, non-selective or for-profit postsecondary educational institutions, says Laura Perna.  
Minnesota Public Radio | April 21, 2016
In this radio program, Richard Ingersoll comments on teachers and school violence.  
Market Watch | April 19, 2016
In 2014, just 10% of dependent family members who said they received a bachelor’s degree by the time they were 24 years old came from families in the lowest income quartile, according to a study by the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education in Washington, D.C. and PennAHEAD.
Slate | April 14, 2016
In this podcast, Marybeth Gasman discusses why minority-serving institutions may be the best fit for some college-bound students.
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | April 13, 2016
Frances O'Connell Rust, Director of Teacher Education at Penn GSE, comments on what it takes to prepare a good teacher.  
Time | April 12, 2016
Marybeth Gasman advises prospective students to look beyond a college’s overall graduation rates and examine its success at graduating African Americans.  
Philadelphia Inquirer | April 7, 2016
Martin Ihrig is working with the orchestra on an information-mapping project that will survey all the existing music education programs in the city   
The Conversation | March 24, 2016
Andy Porter and Morgan Polikoff of C-SAIL provide a thorough history and explanation of the Common Core State Standards.  
Harvard Business Review | March 22, 2016
Originally appearing in 2015, this article by Martin Ihrig is a 2015 McKinsey Award Finalist.  
Time | March 21, 2016
Abby Reisman suggests parents and teachers can help students “use history to make sense of the present.” 
Education Week | March 21, 2016
New CPRE study was one of the largest and most rigorous ever implemented in the field of education. 
NPR | March 16, 2016
Sports columnist Kevin Blackistone speaks with NPR's Morning Edition about Shaun Harper's new report.  
Associated Press | March 15, 2016
Shaun Harper's Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at Penn GSE finds Black male student-athletes in NCAA Power 5 schools lag in graduation rates.
Washington Post | March 14, 2016
Andy Porter, of C-SAIL, helps fact-check GOP candidates' debate answers about the Common Core.  
CBS News | March 14, 2016
Yasmin Kafai notes that it's only recently that women players have been recognized as valid gamers in the eyes of companies.   
Washington Post | March 10, 2016
In this op-ed, Shaun Harper argues that campus protestors are looking for more dialogue, not less.   
Washington Post | March 6, 2016
Sigal Ben-Porath and Joan Goodman make the case for why schools can't — and shouldn't — test for non-cognitive attributes.  
NewsWorks WHYY | March 2, 2016
In this radio piece, Marybeth Gasman talks about HBCUs and, specifically, Cheyney University in the Philadelphia suburbs. 
New Haven Register | February 26, 2016
Shaun Harper takes to the debate stage at Yale for Intelligence Squared.  
Pew Charitable Trusts Stateline | February 26, 2016
“The solution is to improve the job,” says Richard Ingersoll. 
Chronicle of Higher Education | February 19, 2016
Shaun Harper advises college leaders to take a "clear-eyed" look at the campus climate that led to the incident.  
U.S. News & World Report | February 9, 2016
Further coverage of new Pathways to the Professoriate initiative from the Center for MSIs.  
Associated Press | February 7, 2016
This story on Shaun Harper's recent study also appeared in U.S. News & World Report, The Washington Post, ABC News, and other outlets.  
Harvard Business Review | February 5, 2016
Annie McKee writes about asking the right questions to determine an applicant's emotional intelligence.  
The New York Times | February 4, 2016
Shaun Harper comments on the need for cultural competency education for teachers.