Penn GSE In the Media

Chronicle of Higher Education | November 24, 2015
"Students are worried that if they don’t act right now, while this is hot, that things are going to go back to business as usual on their campuses," says Shaun Harper.
The Atlantic | November 23, 2015
“Even at places that are impressively diverse, students still feel very much on the fringes,” said Shaun Harper. 
Inside Higher Ed | November 17, 2015
Penn AHEAD's Peter Eckel and Cathy Trower write about the impact and role of governing boards on college climate.  
USA Today | November 13, 2015
Shaun Harper speaks to For The Win about the power of college athletes in the wake of Missouri.  
U.S. News & World Report | November 11, 2015
"Too many college presidents don't do enough and hope the problem goes away," says Marybeth Gasman 
The New York Times | November 6, 2015
“Publishers are not thinking enough about who is reading these books,” says Ebony E. Thomas. 
Inside Higher Ed | November 4, 2015
Marybeth Gasman comments on shootings at HBCUs in the context of other recent campus shootings.
Grid Magazine | October 29, 2015
Students in Yasmin Kafai's courses engage in creative work through Philadelphia's Maker Jawn program.
PBS NewsHour | October 28, 2015
S.C. video shows "just a snapshot of a larger set of structural issues around discipline," says Shaun Harper. 
Yahoo Finance | October 28, 2015
"There is a broader affordability issue that the public is very concerned about," says Joni Finney.
CNBC | October 28, 2015
GOP talks student loans, but "none of them are going after the problem that caused this high debt," says Joni Finney.
The Wall Street Journal | October 27, 2015
Marybeth Gasman comments: “There is considerable research that shows that HBCUs provide an empowering environment free of white racism.”
NPR | October 22, 2015
The more comprehensive a mentoring program, the more likely a new teacher is to stick around, says Richard Ingersoll.
Harvard Business Review | October 20, 2015
Annie McKee of the PennCLO & Med Ed programs explains the skills required to transition into a leadership role. 
Education Week | October 19, 2015
John Fantuzzo helps build the systems that allow agencies to share student data.  
The Washington Post | October 14, 2015
Joan Goodman explains the problem with elaborate behavioral regimes. 
Forbes | October 14, 2015
Through the Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition, Bobbi Kurshan wants to offer a mechanism to help passionate people define good questions and test good ideas.
Chicago Tribune | October 13, 2015
Shaun Harper endorses GSU and PSC program in Illinois specifically intended to enable more black and Hispanic male students to attain a bachelor's degree.
Project Syndicate | October 13, 2015
Dan Wagner makes the case for universal literacy. 
Northwest Herald | October 13, 2015
Janine Remillard explains the benefits of  teachers building standards-aligned curriculum in Illinois. 
Tampa Bay Times | October 12, 2015
"National data confirm that math and science positions are the toughest teaching jobs to fill," says Richard Ingersoll.
Education Week | October 6, 2015
“We don’t have data to determine whether the seal of biliteracy is something that people actually take seriously,” says Nelson Flores.
The Atlantic | September 29, 2015
Marybeth Gasman comments on HBCUs welcoming increasing numbers of Latino students.  
Philadelphia Tribune | September 29, 2015
“There’s plenty of controversy over other things that have happened at Penn over the years,” says John Puckett.
ESPN | September 18, 2015
Shaun Harper talks to ESPN about race & college football.
The Washington Post | September 15, 2015
"Minority teachers have significantly higher quit rates than non-minority teachers. And that’s a huge problem," says Richard Ingersoll
Harvard Business Review | September 11, 2015
Stress is contagious. Annie McKee explains what to do if it's your boss that's infecting you.
Education Week | September 8, 2015
Laura Desimone weighs in on whether one can attribute K-12 gains in student achievement to a governor's policies. 
PDK International | September 1, 2015
PDK reviews Jon Supovitz's project examining the role of Twitter in the Common Core conversation.  
Chronicle of Higher Education | August 28, 2015
Marybeth Gasman comments on the  compounded impact of Katrina on HBCUs.