Penn GSE In the Media

PDK International | September 1, 2015
PDK reviews Jon Supovitz's project examining the role of Twitter in the Common Core conversation.  
Chronicle of Higher Education | August 28, 2015
Marybeth Gasman comments on the  compounded impact of Katrina on HBCUs. 
NEA Today | August 26, 2015
Employee turnover is expensive. When it comes to the teacher workforce, Richard Ingersoll offers solutions.
Philadelphia Tribune | August 26, 2015
Howard Stevenson knows where to find long-term stability in a neighborhood. It might be just around the corner. 
Education Week | August 25, 2015
Laura Perna comments on how college readiness is a complex metric.
The Atlantic | August 25, 2015
Polls are like “dipping a thermometer into a giant melting pot of American society,” says Jon Supovitz.
The New York Times | August 24, 2015
Shaun Harper reveals racial disparity in school discipline across the South. | August 14, 2015
Joni Finney on who is being blamed for rising student debt. 
Forbes | July 29, 2015
Laura Perna on the net cost of college.  
Diverse Issues in Higher Education | July 23, 2015
Marybeth Gasman says, "If a young Ph.D. does not know how to negotiate, part of the problem is the person's Ph.D. advisor." 
Education Week | July 23, 2015
Jon Supovitz's research on the Common Core highlighted. 
Harvard Business Review | July 16, 2015
Annie McKee asks,"Does your work team actually work as a team?" 
National Journal | July 15, 2015
Nelson Flores on the way bilingual 1st-graders understand language. 
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | July 7, 2015
Richard Ingersoll’s research shows the impact of working conditions for teachers. 
Forbes | July 6, 2015
Bobbi Kurshan’s new column recaps what’s happening in the world of edtech competitions. 
NBC News |
The 2013 study from the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education provides evidence that the answer is no.